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  • Allen Domelle

He Clave to the LORD

2 Kings 18:6

For he clave to the LORD, and departed not from following him, but kept his commandments, which the LORD commanded Moses.

One must wonder what it was that made Hezekiah such a successful king. The answer to this is found in one phrase, For he clave to the LORD. Hezekiah determined there was nobody or nothing else worthy of being closer to than the LORD. This phrase did not say that he clave to the LORD in the good times. This phrase did not say that he clave to the LORD as long as the LORD gave him what he wanted. This phrase does not say that he clave to the LORD as long as the LORD kept him from problems. Rather, this phrase emphasizes that Hezekiah clave to the LORD no matter what came his way. In fact, troubles did come for Hezekiah, but he did not stop cleaving to the LORD. Hardships and trials did come, but he did not stop cleaving to the LORD. He did not always win in life, but that did not stop him from cleaving to the LORD.

My friend, one of the great secrets to serving the LORD your entire life is to determine to cleave to the LORD despite the results. We all want life to turn out for good, but some think that life will be easy if they cleave to the LORD. However, this is not the case; you will often find life more challenging when you start cleaving to the LORD. One may ask, then what is the purpose of cleaving to the LORD? The purpose is to have God’s favor and staying close to Him. I would rather be close to the LORD in times of hardship than face the hardships alone because I have strayed from him. Let me share what cleaving to the LORD means.

First, cleaving to the LORD means you will never stop following Him despite what happens in life. Many have compromised in hardships because they felt that life would be easier. Just because you face hard times does not mean following the LORD was the wrong choice. What you don't see is the end of the road where the LORD is leading you. To follow the LORD in difficult times means you must trust that He knows where He is taking you. I can promise you that following the LORD will always take you to the right destination in life that you will never regret once you get there. If the only time you choose to follow the LORD is in the good times, you will find yourself letting go of the LORD and following another path of life that only leads to heartache.

Second, cleaving to the LORD means you will never stop keeping His commandments. If you only keep God’s commandments when everything in life goes your way, you will quickly disobey those commandments. You ought not to obey the LORD’s commandments just because you think everything will turn out your way, but you ought to obey them because they are right. Just because you lose does not mean you were wrong in obeying God’s commandments. If you are to cleave to the LORD, you must choose to obey His commandments even when you lose or when they do not benefit your life.

Third, cleaving to the LORD means you will not let anything between you and the LORD. The song, Nothing Between, must be your choice if you are to cleave to the LORD. Nothing, no matter how much it may benefit you, can ever come between you and the LORD. Cleaving to the LORD is to say there is nothing more worthy of being close to than the LORD. You will only cleave to the LORD when you determine to cleave to Him no matter what happens in life.


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