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  • Allen Domelle

I Feel This is Right

Proverbs 21:2

Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the LORD pondereth the hearts.

Most people will not do something that they “feel” is bad for them to do. I often hear people say that they feel a certain thing is the right way to go to Heaven. What you feel a person needs to do to go to Heaven doesn't really matter; it is what God says a person needs to do to go to Heaven that matters. You can feel that being good will take you to Heaven, but that doesn't change that Christ’s payment for your sins is what you must accept to go to Heaven. You can feel that being baptized will take you to Heaven, but you will find that what you feel was wrong when spend an eternity in Hell for not accepting Christ’s payment for your sin.

However, it is just as troubling for believers to say they feel something is right and that they are basing God’s will for their lives on that feeling. The fact that you are basing it on feeling should cause you to pause and realize that you are wrong. Let me ask, how many times have you done something because you felt it was good and later found out you made the wrong decision? God says, Every way of a man is right in his own eyes … We can always justify what we do by our feelings, but just because we feel it is right does not make it right. There are several steps I take when I am trying to determine whether something is right or wrong.

First, I always run to God’s Word to see if something is right. One reason you must read God’s Word daily is because God will give you something today for a decision you will need tomorrow. You will find that God’s Word shows us what to do in every situation, whether by word or Scriptural examples of the lives of people. You should always make God’s Word your first stop in determining what to do.

Second, what does Scriptural doctrine tell you to do? Doctrine always comes from God’s Word; therefore, look to see if what you are doing agrees with doctrine. I had a person tell me that they determine doctrine and then find in God’s Word where it is correct. I looked at that person and reminded them that doctrine comes from God’s Word. You must always remember that God’s Word defines doctrine; therefore, I go to God’s Word first to see what to do, and then I look at doctrine to see what to do.

Third, what does principle tell me to do? I have established principles in my life that help me to make right decisions. Principles are the decisions I made from God’s Word that determine my decisions when I face them. For instance, I have a principle that I never make money an issue in my ministry. My principle has always taught me to let faith guide me. It is critical to set principles in life of what you will do when faced with certain decisions, and then let those principles guide you.

Fourth, what does example tell me to do? I look to examples of what others have done in my situation to see where their decisions took them. Their example often dictates to me what I need to do in every situation of life.

My friend, instead of letting feelings dictate what you do, let these four steps lead you. Not only should you let these steps guide you, but follow these steps in the precise order I showed. When you have followed these steps you will not be saying you feel something is right, you will be saying you know something is right because you followed God’s order for making good decisions.


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