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Letting God Be Your God

Leviticus 25:38

I am the LORD your God, which brought you forth out of the land of Egypt, to give you the land of Canaan, and to be your God.

God says that He brought Israel out of Egypt for two reasons: to give them the land of Canaan and to be their God. You will notice that giving them the land of Canaan happened before God was their God. God knew that if they took the land of Canaan that Israel would have no problem keeping God as their God.

However, when God says He brought them out to give them the land of Canaan, He does not say He would give it to them without them having to do several things to get it. The land was theirs, but they had to conquer the land, work to build the infrastructure of the land, and build their cities in this land. The land was theirs for the taking, but they had to work to get what God wanted to give to them.

The result of Israel working by faith to take the land was that God was their God. There is a reason Israel left God; they left Him because they stopped taking what He gave to them. When they stopped conquering, they served other gods. They chose other gods when they stopped walking by faith. The key to God being the obvious choice to be their God was to keep taking the land that God gave them.

To be saved is not enough to keep God as your God. Don't get me wrong; when you get saved, your salvation is secure in Christ. However, there are scores of believers who are saved but have placed other gods before God. The reason they have done this is because they stopped conquering what God has for them to take. If you are going to keep God as your God, you must keep taking what God has for you to take. Let me share what I mean.


First, you must keep stepping out by faith if God is going to be your God. Those who stop attempting anything by faith will find the world more intriguing than God’s power working in their lives. There is something about stepping out by faith that keeps your focus on God. God has great works He wants to do through your life, but you must take the initiative to step out by faith to see those works happen. God never does great works through anyone who doesn't have the initiative to step out by faith. Attempting great works of faith is what keeps God first in your life.

Second, you must keep conquering if God is going to be your God. When was the last time you conquered something in your Christian walk? When was the last time you conquered a sin? I am not talking about overcoming it one time, but I am talking about conquering it to the point that you never do it again. When was the last time you conquered a great goal for God? If you are not conquering something for God, you are being conquered by apathy, worldliness, and sin. You can conquer your flesh by going soul winning weekly. You can conquer your flesh by reading the Scriptures and praying daily. You will find it difficult at keeping God as your God if you are not conquering something for Him on a daily or weekly basis.

My friend, God wants to do great things through your life, and He already has planned for you to do great things, but you must step out and do them. If God is going to be first in your life, then you must take your Canaan by faith, courage, and conquering and build something for Him.


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