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  • Allen Domelle

Needed Traits in Christianity

Genesis 24:2

And Abraham said unto his eldest servant of his house, that ruled over all that he had, Put, I pray thee, thy hand under my thigh:

Abraham was old, and his son was not yet married. Abraham wanted to make sure that his son married right, so he looked for a servant that he could commission to find a wife for his son. When he looked for a servant, he found that the eldest servant who ruled over everything he had was the one he trusted to follow his instructions in finding a wife for his son. Was this eldest servant chosen because he was the oldest? No, he was not chosen because he was the oldest. Was he chosen because he ruled over all that Abraham had? Yes, this is partly why he was chosen. However, I believe there were three traits this servant had that caused Abraham to choose him. Any person can have and should have these three traits. Not only should every person have these traits, but if they have them they will find themselves being valuable to society and to the work of the LORD. Let me share these three needed traits that every believer should have.

Faithfulness is the first trait. It is interesting that it was the eldest servant who was chosen. This servant had been with Abraham for years. The fact that he was with Abraham all these years proves his faithfulness. Any believer can be faithful. Faithfulness is not a gift; faithfulness is a choice. Faithfulness is not being where you should be as long as it doesn't conflict with your agenda, but faithfulness is being where you are supposed to be despite your agenda demanding you do something else. One of the greatest needs in Christianity today are believers who are faithful. You cannot be trusted if you are not faithful to be where you are supposed to be at the time you are supposed to be there. Anybody can be faithful if they choose to be faithful.

Trustworthy is the second trait every believer should have. Abraham could trust this servant to do what he was told to do even when Abraham was not with the servant. You will never be trustworthy if you only do what you are told to do when you agree with it. You will never be trustworthy if you only do what you are supposed to do when those over you are watching. A trustworthy person is one that does what they are supposed to do even when they are not being watched. Any person who is trustworthy will find themselves in leadership roles. You will never gain a leadership role if you cannot be trusted to do what you are supposed to do when your leader is not around.

Loyalty is the third trait every believer should have. This servant was loyal to Abraham, and that is a great reason he knew he could trust this servant. We live in times when loyalty to a leader is so criticized, but if you are not loyal to your leader then you are a rebel. Let’s face it, Joshua was loyal to Moses. Elisha was loyal to Elijah. Nobody criticized these men for being loyal to their man of God. Yet, when someone says they are loyal to their pastor, the cockroaches of Christianity come out of their cupboards to criticize. My friend, loyalty is needed to make an organization go forward. If a dog can be loyal to its master, a believer should be loyal to their leader. If a believer is not loyal to their leader, I can guarantee they are not loyal to God. Don’t let the spiritual cockroaches hinder you from being loyal to your leader. Loyalty to a leader is a key trait that God looks for in an individual to determine whether He can use them because God knows if they are loyal to their leader, they will be loyal to Him.


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