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  • Allen Domelle

Opposition Against Opposition

Revelation 12:6

And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.

What should have been a time of joy became a time of opposition. The woman brought forth a man child, and joy should have been the course for the woman; instead, she faced such opposition. The answer to this woman’s opposition was, And there was war. The woman may have fled, but she fought the opposition with opposition.

The woman is the local church. We expect Satan to oppose the local church, but the local church must remember that opposition will come if it is doing anything for God. Opposition always brings pressure and is uncomfortable, but the fact Satan is opposing you means you are doing something for God. A church that does anything for God will face opposition, but that does not mean we are to roll over and die. The best way to face opposition as a church or an individual is to face it with opposition. Let me share a few ways to oppose opposition.

First, don't roll over and die. Don’t surrender just because opposition comes. A great character trait missing today is the response to fight opposition with opposition. A believer should never surrender just because they faced opposition, no matter how big or little it is. When opposition comes, the best way to face it is with opposition and not surrender.

Second, face opposition with soul winning. You will notice in verse 11 that they overcame Satan by the blood of the Lamb. One of the greatest responses to opposition is soul winning. Soul winning takes your eyes off yourself and your problems and puts you on the offensive against Satan. Just because opposition comes does not mean you need to surrender; it means you need to go soul winning. Whenever opposition comes my way, I take it as a call from God to go soul winning. One thing I have learned is that God often uses soul winning in times of opposition to let me lead people to Christ who becomes fruit that remains.

Third, face opposition through prayer. You cannot face opposition and win without getting God’s power to help you in prayer. Prayer gives you the strength to face opposition with opposition. Prayer challenges you to keep going because you have tapped into the power of God that gives you the strength to oppose instead of quit.

Fourth, face opposition by doing right. Verse 11 says that they overcame Satan by the word of their testimony. You must continue doing right when opposition comes. Don't fight opposition with the same sinful tools of your opposition, but let your opposition know that their opposition to you doing right will not stop you from doing right. Your testimony will do more to help you to oppose opposition than quitting and going back to the world or a life of sin.

Fifth, face opposition with faith works. Verse 11 says they loved not their lives unto the death. In other words, they stepped out by faith and opposed opposition by attempting greater things for God. When opposition comes, step out by faith and attempt something greater for God. Don't surrender to opposition, but charge it with great attempts of faith. Opposing opposition lets opposition know that every time they oppose you that you will do something great for God. Faith works always makes the opposition look foolish.


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