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  • Allen Domelle

Someone Needs to Care

1 Chronicles 22:5

And David said, Solomon my son is young and tender, and the house that is to be builded for the LORD must be exceeding magnifical, of fame and of glory throughout all countries: I will therefore now make preparation for it. So David prepared abundantly before his death.

One great characteristic of David was that he put his heart into all he did for the LORD. When he fought Goliath, he did not make a haphazard effort in fighting this giant, but he gave his all. When he moved the ark of the LORD to his city, he gave all his effort in praising the LORD as it was being moved. When he led God’s people, he led them with great effort because he understood its importance. Likewise, when he prepared for the temple, he prepared in abundance because he felt the house must be exceeding magnifical.

What was it about David that caused him to give such effort to all he did for the LORD? The answer is that he cared about the LORD’s work. He put all his heart into what he did for God. He realized the importance of doing his best for God, and he cared about all he did, even to the details.

Every Saturday evening, I walk through our buildings with one of my staff men making sure everything is set in perfect place for Sunday services to start. I was going through one of our auditoriums and said to this staff man, “Do you know why we are having to adjust a few things each Saturday evening?” I told him the reason most are not seeing what I see is because their heart does not care for it like mine does. I said to him that once you care about what you do for the LORD and hold it in high regard is when you will recognize the little details that must be cared for.

Every church needs people who care about their church. Every church needs people whose heart is buried in their church and who believe their church deserves their care, their full effort, and their best. David was not even involved in the building of the temple, but he gave his full effort to prepare for it because it was the LORD’s temple, and he believed the LORD deserved his best. There are three thoughts we must do if we are to care about the LORD’s work in great detail.

First, what you care for you give great attention to, and it is time to care for the LORD’s work. The LORD’s work deserves your full attention and best effort. Your church is important to God, and how you treat His church is likely how you treat Him. If you are careless about God’s church, you are likely careless in your walk with Him. You ought to give your full attention to the LORD’s work and care about it because it is the work that represents the King of kings.

Second, you ought to care so much for the LORD’s work that it would cause you to organize and prepare for what you do in the future. Your organization and preparation for what you do for the LORD shows how much you truly care for the LORD’s work. If you have no organization and run the LORD’s work haphazardly, you are revealing your low regard concerning the LORD.

Third, you ought to care enough for the LORD’s work to put your whole heart into what you do for Him. Wherever you place your heart is what you will treasure, and what you treasure you will care about. If you will put your whole heart into your church, you will find it will not be difficult to care for the details and to give your best effort to care for every detail, to building your church, and to make sure that what you do for it is done to your best ability.


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