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  • Allen Domelle

The Balance of Spiritual Warfare

1 Chronicles 12:2

They were armed with bows, and could use both the right hand and the left in hurling stones and shooting arrows out of a bow, even of Saul's brethren of Benjamin.

One reason David’s army was so successful was because of the balance of the men in his army. These men could use both right and left hand to hurl stones and shoot arrows. This was critical because every warrior was necessary for Israel to win in battle. If one arm was injured in a battle, they could always use the other arm to fight. If one position kept them from being able to hurl the stones and shoot the arrows, they could always use the other hand to do these actions.

What is very interesting about these men was the weapons they used with both hands were long-range weapons. They hurled stones at a distance to keep the enemy from advancing. They shot arrows at a distance to keep the enemy from getting close. Their balance to fight was to keep a distance between them and the enemy. You see, fighting and defeating the enemy at a distance is always better because there will always be fewer casualties when you fight at a distance than if you fight hand-to-hand combat.

God’s purpose for pointing this out is so that the believer understands the need for them to be a balanced spiritual warrior. Balance in the Christian life is for the purpose of fighting the spiritual warfare at a distance. The more balanced you are as a Christian, the further you can keep Satan and his allies away from you. It is the unbalanced believer who Satan often defeats. Satan gets closest to the believer who does not live a balanced life by going after their weakest point. If the believer lives a balanced Christian life, they keep Satan at a distance because there is no weak point from which he can approach them.

Everyone has a strong point and a weak point. One of the wisest studies you can perform as a believer is to learn your weak points and strengthen those areas. Many stay focused on their strength, and certainly we need to keep our strong points strong, but you must strengthen the weak points so that you can be a balanced warrior for Christ. If you are strong on truth but weak in grace, you will hurt people as you apply truth. If you are strong in grace but weak in truth, you will compromise truth because you don't want to offend people. Grace and truth work together to help all people grow in the LORD.

Moreover, if you are strong on justice but weak in mercy, you will never see God use you to restore the fallen. However, if you are strong in mercy but weak on justice, you will never apply the chastening that those who disobey need to keep them from doing wrong again. Yes, we need to be just when we punish, but we also need mercy so we don't let the punishment discourage and destroy the one who sinned.

Likewise, you must be balanced in your walk with God and service to God. There are some who spend much time in the Scriptures and prayer, but spend little to no time serving the LORD through soul winning. Then, there are others who are great soul winners, but they spend little to no time reading the Scriptures and praying. Both walk and service are essential in the Christian life to defeat Satan.

My friend, let me challenge you to be balanced in all areas. Don't just focus on your strength, but strengthen your weaknesses so that you can be a balanced believer who is fit to face anything Satan throws at you.


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