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  • Allen Domelle

The Tragedy of Going Alone

Judges 15:8

And he smote them hip and thigh with a great slaughter: and he went down and dwelt in the top of the rock Etam.

One of Samson’s great mistakes is that he fought every battle alone instead of rallying all of Israel with him to fight the battles. Samson may have avoided a lot of his sin had he gotten others involved with him because they would have become an accountability partner to keep him doing right. However, Samson did everything by himself, and when he died, Israel returned to bondage because he never trained anyone else to do what he did.

Yes, Samson had extraordinary strength by himself, but Israel together had more strength to fight the enemy than Samson did alone. God certainly used Samson as he did everything alone, but imagine how much more God could have done had he got others involved with him as he fought the enemy. Together, Israel and Samson could have become a great power that could never be stopped, but Samson doing everything alone made Israel depend on Samson to do everything for them.

One of the biggest reasons churches do not grow is because we don't get everyone involved so we can build the church together. No church grows with one person doing all the work. Yes, there are great men whom God uses to do extraordinary works, but the great churches from the past were done because people got involved with their man of God, and together they built a great church for God. God certainly blesses a man, but God can bless the man and the people working with him much more if they all remember that a greater work can be built together. God uses men to do a great work, but He uses a great man and people working with him to build a greater work. The magnitude of what God will do in a church will be determined by whether the church builds together or the pastor tries to build alone. Let me give you a few thoughts about this critical truth.

First, you must always have the mindset to train someone because you won’t always be there. You may be able to do more work than another can do, but what happens to the work when God takes you to Heaven if you are the only one doing it? Many great works have died because nobody was trained to carry on after the man whom God blessed went to Heaven. You should always have the mindset never to go alone. Always bring someone with you as you do the LORD’s work so you can train them to do what you are doing.

Second, you cannot train if you don’t take new people with you. One mistake many make is that they get comfortable with one person when they go soul winning, but that will never train other new believers how to be a soul winner. There is nothing wrong with having a soul winning partner, but it is better to take many people soul winning with you so you can train many people how to lead others to Christ. The purpose of a soul winning partner is not to be your soul winning partner for the rest of your life, but so that they will eventually go out and train others how to lead people to Christ themselves.

Third, the magnitude of what God will do through you will be determined by how many you get involved to do God’s work with you. God can bless many doing a work much more than He can with only one doing the work; therefore, stop trying to do it yourself and let others help you to build a great work for God together.


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