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  • Allen Domelle

A Great Mindset

Acts 4:33

And with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus: and great grace was upon them all.

I was traveling through Chattanooga, Tennessee, and I stopped by to see Dr. Lee Roberson as I always would if I was in that area. Dr. Roberson was retired, but I wanted to learn any truth I could glean from this great man. One thing he said to me that I have never forgotten was that when he was pastor of the thriving Highland Park Baptist Church, he said that “every service we did was important.” Dr. Roberson told me there was no unimportant church service, and that every service was a “big service.” We often wonder why God used a man like Dr. Roberson, and I believe one reason was because he treated everything as if it was great.

The church of Jerusalem grew greatly, not only because they were a fervent soul winning church, but because of the mindset this church had about the Lord’s work. The mindset in the book of Acts about this church and those who did the Lord’s work was that everything was great. In the verse above, it says the apostles gave witness with great power. This same verse says there was great grace upon them all. When you read through the book of Acts, you see there was great fear, great wonders, a great company, great affliction, great persecution, great joy, and a great multitude just to name a few things. Everything this church did was great to them. If it was not great, it was not worthy of them giving their attention to it, but because everything they did was great, God was able to show His mighty power on this church and the believers so they could impact the world.

You can’t expect God to bless what you do if you don't treat everything you do for Him as great. The word great means to be big, or the preeminent thing to do. In other words, you will never see God doing something big through your life or ministry if you treat His work as second to something else. Why should God give you a great ministry of influence with great growth if you don't treat your ministry as great? God is very interested in His work being the greatest thing to do.

The great mindset is a mindset of how you treat everything. If what you are doing is not worth treating greatly, then what you are doing is not worthy of doing. At the church I pastor, there are no unimportant services that we hold. I don't move my Sunday night service to a convenient time so people can go home because I believe the Sunday night service is as important and great as the Sunday morning service. We don't go to church on Wednesday night to rattle around in a room and fill time, but we go to Wednesday night service and have a great service. Every service has great preparation because every service is great. Your mindset for anything you do for God should be that it is great. It is a great time when you read the Scriptures. It is a great hour that you spend with God in prayer. It is a great day on Sunday as you go to church. It is of great importance to lead someone to Christ. If it is not great, then don't do it.

Moreover, the great mindset is how you do things. The effort you give to the Lord’s work should be a great effort. Never attempt anything for God that is not a great attempt to do. Faith actions are always great attempts done with great effort. When God sees you treating everything as great is when He sees you are worthy of Him doing something great through your life and ministry.

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