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  • Allen Domelle

A Leader's Blessing

Exodus 39:43

And Moses did look upon all the work, and, behold, they had done it as the LORD had commanded, even so had they done it: and Moses blessed them.

We often hear about getting God’s blessings on our lives, but we rarely hear about getting our leader’s blessings. Let’s face it; most people want their leader’s blessings on what they have done. I know the Pharisee will say that we should not do things for man’s applause or blessing, but inside of every person is the desire to please those we serve. We like to hear our leader give us their blessings on things we have done. For instance, a child wants to hear their parent’s blessing on something they accomplished. A student wants to hear their teacher’s blessing on a project they completed. A church member wants to hear their pastor’s blessing on what they are doing in their ministry. Yes, we want God’s blessings, but we also desire our leader’s blessings.

The children of Israel were no different. If a leader’s blessing on a follower's works is unimportant, God would not have mentioned that Moses blessed the people. Moses blessed the people because they had done things the right way. Moses had already experienced enough of having to correct these people, so he gave them his blessing when they did things the right way. Let me share four things you can do to get your leader’s blessing on what you are doing.

First, do things the right way to get your leader’s blessing. Moses blessed these people because they did everything he told them to do according to the LORD’s word. They did not do things subpar, but they did everything to the standard of excellence. One of the best ways to get a leader’s approval is to do what they have given you to do with excellence and with your best effort. Never do a halfway job when your leader gives you something to do; do it right and with excellence.

Second, don't go behind your leader's back if you want your leader’s approval. These people were not doing things their way and avoiding the policies Moses set up, but following his policies brought his approval. A moment of frustration with things not being done according to how you want them done does not give you the right to go behind your leader’s back deceptively. Disloyalty is always wrong. You have no right to break the policies set up. Doing things according to your leader’s standard of protocol will always bring his blessings.

Third, pick up around you if you want your leader’s approval. Doing things sloppily and leaving a place unkempt because you are too lazy to pick up after yourself is never a way to get your leader’s blessing. Doing a job right also means cleaning up after yourself after you are done with the job. Leaving things behind or leaving things dirty means you did not finish the job. Finishing the job means doing everything you are told to do and then cleaning up after yourself. You will get your leader’s blessing when he can see everything is finished, and nobody has to clean up after you.

Fourth, finish what you start if you want your leader’s approval. Don't start something and make your leader have to find someone else to go behind you to finish something. If you start something, don't leave until you are finished. It doesn't matter what other things come up; the fact that you started a project means you gave your word that you would finish it. Finishing what you start will always bring a leader’s approval and blessing.


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