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  • Allen Domelle

A Sad Question That Should Never Be Asked

Judges 6:13

And Gideon said unto him, Oh my Lord, if the LORD be with us, why then is all this befallen us? and where be all his miracles which our fathers told us of, saying, Did not the LORD bring us up from Egypt? but now the LORD hath forsaken us, and delivered us into the hands of the Midianites.

Gideon asked a sad question that was an indictment against every man of God in his day. He asked, where be all his miracles which our father told us of. Every prophet should have felt ashamed with this question because every prophet had the same God as all the former prophets through whom God showed miracles. It was not that God could not do miracles; it was that the prophets were unwilling to attempt the miraculous by faith. It was not that God would not do miracles; it was that the prophets did not pray and ask God to send the miracles. Gideon should have never had to ask where God’s miracles were because he should have seen those miracles by the hand of the prophets of his day.

It is a sad commentary for any generation or church to only be able to talk about what God did in the past and not what He is doing in their presence in the present. The miracles of God are not a generational thing; they are a result of faith and prayer of individuals willing to pay the price to see those miracles in their life and their generation. No generation should ever be able to ask, where be all his miracles. Let me share several observations about this critical truth.

First, every generation needs to see God do the miraculous in their day if God is to be real to them. I refuse to think that God only does the miraculous in certain generations. The Scriptures teach that God never changes. Therefore, God’s miracles are available to this generation just like they were for past generations if this generation of believers will do what it takes to get those miracles.

Second, seeing God do the miraculous in your life requires determination. You will never see the miraculous if you are looking for the easy way to get the miraculous in your life. You must be determined that you will see God do something in your life, or you will die trying to see God do it. Every person whom God worked through had a cause and was determined to see God do something, and He did do something through them. If you are not determined to see God do the miraculous through your life and ministry, you are sure not to see God do the miraculous through you.

Third, it takes faith to see the miraculous. God never does the miraculous without someone attempting something great by faith. Faith is more than a desire to see God do something great; faith is stepping out and attempting something greater than yourself. If you never attempt to do something great for God, you will never see it in your lifetime. You are on fertile ground for the miraculous when you are facing the impossible; that fertile ground will never produce the miraculous if you don't attempt it.

Fourth, it takes prayer for the miraculous to become reality. Attempting the miraculous by faith is foolish if you don't spend time in prayer asking God to do something. An interesting note about faith is that faith will cause you to get so deep into the impossible that you must pray for God to save you, and that is when the miracle happens. Don't let the impossible drown you because you fail to pray, but let the impossible cause you to pray, and the impossible will turn into the miraculous.


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