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A Very Dangerous Word

Numbers 13:28

Nevertheless the people be strong that dwell in the land, and the cities are walled, and very great: and moreover we saw the children of Anak there.

Twelves spies had searched the Promised Land, and their anticipated report was about to be given. However, there was a division among the spies about what should be done. They both saw the same thing, but somehow two groups came up with a different conclusion. One group saw the goodness of the land and said, Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it. The other group gave a great report and then said, Nevertheless. It was the “nevertheless” that should have warned everyone what was about to be said was not going to be good. It was the “nevertheless” that caused every person from twenty years of age and above to die in the wilderness because the “nevertheless” caused them to want to go back to Egypt.

“Nevertheless” is one of the most dangerous words to the believer’s life. Many a person added a “nevertheless” to their life to their own detriment. God does not want a “nevertheless,” but He wants complete obedience to do all that He tells you to do. Let me share how “nevertheless” is very dangerous to your life.

First, “nevertheless” is dangerous to faith. “Nevertheless” has stopped the life of faith by surrendering to fear or doubt. Many have lived a great life of faith until the “nevertheless” entered their life because of fear and doubt. “Nevertheless” has hindered God from doing the miraculous because an individual surrendered to doubt or fear.

Second, “nevertheless” is dangerous to God’s will. You can do most of God’s will and not do God’s will at all. Doing God’s will is doing it exactly how He tells you to do it. If you are not willing to do all of God’s will, you are not willing to do God’s will at all. Many have set out to do God’s will until the “nevertheless” set in and they stopped at what they did not want to do; thus, they disobeyed God’s will.


Third, “nevertheless” is dangerous to your spirit. It is the “nevertheless” that gives you a negative spirit. It can be said that they had a great spirit, nevertheless, they complained about…. You can fill in that blank to what you complained about, and that blank is your nevertheless. All it takes to have a bad spirit is to add a “nevertheless” into your life. “Nevertheless” always destroys a courageous spirit and turns it into a fearful spirit. Take the “nevertheless” out of your life, and you will protect your spirit.

Fourth, “nevertheless” is dangerous to obeying God. Saul obeyed all that God told him to do; nevertheless, he held back in destroying Agag. Many believers do well in obeying God until they bump into their “nevertheless” that they choose not to obey Him. You are either completely obeying God or you are completely disobeying God no matter how small of an area you consider your disobedience to be. There should never be a “nevertheless” in your life when it comes to obeying the LORD.

Fifth, “nevertheless” is dangerous to living a life for God. Many have lived a life for God until the “nevertheless” of sin destroyed that life. Don’t let sin in your life and there will never be a “nevertheless” to your life’s testimony. Quickly forsake sin, and you will remove the “nevertheless” from your life’s testimony.


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