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  • Allen Domelle

And Peter

Mark 16:7

But go your way, tell his disciples and Peter that he goeth before you into Galilee: there shall ye see him, as he said unto you.

Peter had miserably messed up his life. Most people today would have thrown Peter aside after his denial of the church, his faith, and his God, but not Jesus. (I would guess that it is more Christlike to accept people back after they have messed up like Peter did than it is to throw them aside to destroy them.)

After Jesus rose from the dead, he appeared to the two Marys and told them to go their way to tell the disciples that He had risen from the dead. However, He did not just say to tell the disciples, but He said to tell his disciples and Peter. Jesus specifically wanted these ladies to tell Peter for a couple of reasons. First, I believe He was dealing with them not to cast Peter aside. All those who associated with Christ must have heard about Peter’s denial, and it would be easy not to want anything to do with him, but Jesus wanted them to receive him back. The second reason was because Peter needed to know the Jesus specifically requested for him. Peter likely felt, had he heard that Jesus was risen from the dead, that Jesus would want nothing to do with him. Jesus made this specific request to encourage Peter that He would not hold this against him and still wanted to use him.

Those who have done wrong and have come to grips with their sin likely feel very dirty and ostracized from both God and fellow believers. However, in these two words are three thoughts that every person who has fallen in sin need to remember.

First, God still loves you. Satan will whisper in your ears that God no longer loves you when you have sinned against Him. The guilt you feel because of sin may be great, but never forget that God’s love is greater than your sin. God did not love you in the first place because you were good. God has always loved us at our worst, so just because you have sinned does not stop God from loving you. Satan is a liar, and that is why he whispers that God does not love you. God’s love for YOU will never stop no matter how badly you have messed up your life in sin.

Second, God still wants you. Peter certainly must have felt that Jesus would never want him, but that is why Jesus specifically called for Peter to let him know that He wanted to see him, not to condemn him, but to show His love to him. When you sin, you feel as though God does not want you anymore. My friend, not only does God love you, but He also wants you near Him. God’s desire to have you near Him has not stopped because you have sinned. God’s mercy is great, His love is boundless, and His desire for you to draw near to Him never wavers, even when you have sinned.

Third, God still has a plan to use your life. God used Peter after his great sin, and He can use you after yours. It is amazing how quickly God used Peter after his great sin; all Peter had to do was come back to Jesus. You may have sinned, but that is not the end of your usefulness to God. God’s desire to use you is evidenced by His grace in your life. Always remember that God’s grace is magnified when He uses you after you have sinned. Don't let sin hold you down. God still has a plan to use you mightily, but you must come back to Him if that plan is to be implemented in your life. The choice is yours as to whether God will use you again.


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