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  • Allen Domelle

And So We Went Toward Rome

Acts 28:14

Where we found brethren, and were desired to tarry with them seven days: and so we went toward Rome.

The journey that Paul and those on the ship with him took to get to Rome was a challenging trip. They experienced storms that tried to stop them, but they continued to journey toward Rome. They had to stop because of the storms, but they never stopped going toward Rome. The destination was Rome, but they continued their journey, even though it was going slower than the centurions and the shipmaster desired. The reason they eventually made it to Rome is because of one statement, and so we went toward Rome.

Every day in the Christian walk will not see great accomplishments, but every day you should get closer to what you are trying to accomplish for God. You don't build a building in one day, but you build it one stud at a time, and if you continue, you will eventually get to the finished product of what you are trying to build. Likewise, in the Christian walk, you must determine to make some success every day, even if the success is a little success. Great Christians didn’t immediately become great Christians; they became great Christians by drawing closer to God daily. Great churches are not built overnight, but they are built by getting more people into the church every week. Yes, we want sudden growth, but the greatest growth is often done gradually over time until one day they have seen significant growth. Let me give you a few observations about getting closer to your Rome.

First, everything you do for God will always find resistance. You will never do anything for God without storms and obstacles trying to set you back from what you are doing. You cannot allow any obstacle or storm to stop you from what God is doing in your life or ministry. The storms are simply part of the journey that will allow you to see God work His power through your life.

Second, get closer every day to what you are trying to do. If I was taking a trip to Chicago and my car broke down on the side of the road, I would push my car ten feet closer to Chicago each day so that I am not stagnant in my journey. Stagnancy is the greatest hindrance to God’s power working through a life. God works through faith and action. There is no need for God to help the one who is doing nothing to get closer to what they are trying to accomplish. Whatever you are trying to do for God, do something every day that will get you closer to the finish line. If I were building a building, I would nail one stud up every day if I had to so I could get closer to finishing that building. Always remember that one day with nothing accomplished is one day that God did not have an opportunity to work through you. Do something every day to get closer to what you are trying to do so that God has that opportunity to show His power in your life.

Third, don't become impatient with the journey; you will get there if you keep going. I would imagine that most people are like me; I want everything to be done right now. However, we must realize that God’s timing is perfect, and He will accomplish what He is doing through you if you keep pushing forward. Many have become impatient with the slow process and quit or changed what they were doing to their detriment. My friend, don't change and compromise, but keep doing what you are supposed to do even though it is going slow. I would rather be on the right path and do right slowly than to compromise to see what I want quickly.


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