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And They Made

Exodus 39:16

And they made two ouches of gold, and two gold rings; and put the two rings in the two ends of the breastplate.

While Israel was in the wilderness, God told Moses to have Bezaleel build the tabernacle. God gave great details in everything that was to be built in this tabernacle, from the detailed furniture to the detailed curtains that were to furnish this tabernacle. If Bezaleel would have had to do the work alone, it would likely have taken him many years to accomplish this, but we find throughout Exodus 39 that he did not have to do this work alone. Three words make the difference, And they made. This was the secret to this great work being accomplished and being accomplished quickly. Bezaleel had many people helping him do this work, and everyone working together is what completed the task quickly and to the detail that God desired.

Just like this great work could not have been accomplished alone, so the church cannot do the great work that needs to be done by one person. Every great work is always accomplished with people working with the leader to get it done. Noah did not build the ark alone, but he built it with his family. Nehemiah did not build the wall alone, but he built it with an army of builders that helped him to complete the task of rebuilding that great wall. Ezra did not rebuild the temple alone, but he had a great crew of carpenters that helped him rebuild that temple. The apostles did not turn the world upside down by themselves, but they turned it upside down with many church members helping to get the Gospel out to the lost. This great work of Bezaleel was accomplished because of the three words, And they made. Let me share several thoughts about the importance of getting involved in your church to help it accomplish a great work for God.

First, everyone cannot be the leader. There can only be one leader. However, if everyone follows that one leader, everyone can enjoy the accomplishments of what the leader is leading everyone to do.

Second, God knows the names of everyone who works in the background. Often the leader gets the recognition for the great work, but the great work is accomplished with a great crew of people dedicated to getting a work done for Christ. You will never feel unappreciated with doing work in the background when you realize God knows your name and He sees the work you are doing for Him.

Third, your specific task may never be mentioned in the great accomplishments, but God knows what you did to make it happen. God knew who “they” were in the building of the tabernacle and what “they” did. God also knows what you do even when nobody else sees it or mentions it.

Fourth, what you do is as important as what the main leader does. Your leader may get the pat on the back, but he knows that he could not have done it without you. You are critical to the work of the LORD, and that work will never be done without your help.

Fifth, everyone working together is what accomplishes a great task for God. The work of God is great, and it all is critical to accomplishing God’s work more efficiently and quickly. The magnitude of God’s work will only be determined and accomplished to the degree of everyone’s involvement. You are critical to the LORD’s work; don't be absent from it.


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