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  • Allen Domelle

Apply Yourself

Ecclesiastes 7:5

I applied mine heart to know, and to search, and to seek out wisdom, and the reason of things, and to know the wickedness of folly, even of foolishness and madness:

My mom used to tell me that I could get anything done if I applied myself to what I was doing. She was a stickler in making me apply myself to any task. If I was doing school work, she would admonish me to apply myself. If I was doing chores around the house, she required that I apply myself to what I was doing. When I served God, she always challenged me to apply myself to serving God. Her admonishment and encouragement to apply myself to whatever I did has helped me become the person I am today with the accomplishments the LORD has helped me achieve.

Solomon said that he applied his heart to know, to search, and to seek out wisdom. Solomon would have never had the wisdom that God gave him had he not applied himself with his heart to get this wisdom. Had Solomon been passive in finding out wisdom, he would not have been known as the man who was the wisest in his day. The key to his success was to realize the importance of applying himself.

Applying yourself to what you do is the key to getting things done; not just applying yourself to do things, but also applying your heart to do it. What does it mean to apply oneself? It means to give one’s full effort and attention to a task at hand. In other words, to give a nonchalant effort to what you do only results in just getting by. Those who achieve excellence in life are those who apply themselves to everything they do. Let me share some thoughts about this great and critical truth.

First, applying yourself is a Godlike character trait. God never does anything second-rate. God applied Himself when He created the world. Jesus applied Himself to give us an example to live by while He was on Earth, and He also applied Himself when He died for our sins. You cannot live a godly life without applying yourself to everything that you do.

Second, those who don’t apply themselves today in all that they do will live a life of regret tomorrow. Many live their adult lives in regret of not applying themselves to their schoolwork because they don't have the knowledge they need to get a better job. You will one day have to do what you should have done years ago had you applied yourself. For instance, if you don't get an education now, you will one day have to get that education if you want to further yourself in life. If you don't want to live a life of regret, you would be wise to apply yourself to everything you do.

Third, you are wasting time and potential by not applying yourself. Any amount of time you live not applying yourself is time wasted, and that does affect your potential. Those who apply themselves to what they do are those who have the greatest potential in life. When you apply yourself to what you are doing, you are not wasting any time, but you are using your time wisely and to its fullest, increasing your potential for what you can do in life.

Fourth, God gives according to our effort; therefore, the more you apply yourself, the more God will give you to what you apply yourself to do. The Luke 6:38 principle applies to applying yourself. God gives you according to the effort that you apply yourself. Therefore, if you want God to bless your life, apply yourself to all that you do, and He will give back above the effort that you have given to what you are doing.


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