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  • Allen Domelle

Before the Fire Falls

1 Kings 18:38

Then the fire of the LORD fell, and consumed the burnt sacrifice, and the wood, and the stones, and the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench.

The fire of the LORD is always symbolic of His power falling and doing the miraculous in someone’s life or ministry. Any person with a heart for God will want His power to fall on them. However, many want the power of God to fall on their lives without any investment of their own. In other words, many want God’s power as an entitled child feels they deserve everything from their parent, but God’s power only comes to those who have invested themselves in God before He gives His power.

Elijah invested greatly in God before God let His fire fall and consume the altar. Elijah put everything on the line: his reputation, his life, and his energy. You want God’s power to fall on your life, but have you invested what Elijah invested? Before you ever see the power of God fall on your life or ministry, there are several things you must invest in God before it falls.

First, you must repair the altar of God in your life. It says about Elijah in verse 30, And he repaired the altar of the LORD that was broken down. We wonder why most churches are powerless, and all you have to do is look at the empty altars to see why they are powerless. You cannot have the power of God without the altar. The altar takes humility, and most are not humble enough to come to an altar. I have yet to see one person with God’s power on their life who doesn't frequent the altar to get things right with God. You must repair the altar if you want God’s power on your life.

Second, you must spend much time in God’s Word before the fire falls. Elijah told them to fill four barrels with water and pour it on the altar. The altar mixed with God’s Word in one’s life always produces great results of sin being forsaken. God’s Word is powerful, and mixing the power of God’s Word with the altar always produces a change in the heart.

Third, you must spread God’s Word for God’s power to fall. Elijah put so much water on the altar that the water ran round about the altar. This reminds me of the church in the book of Acts that the more they taught and preached God’s Word, the more God’s power fell and influenced their city. We must spend much time spreading God’s Word through soul winning if we want God’s power to fall. There is no purpose for God’s power to fall if you do not spread His Word to the lost world.

Fourth, much prayer is needed for God’s power to fall. Elijah prayed before the fire fell. When God sees the bended knee of His child at a repaired altar surrounded by His Word, it causes Him to spring to action to help that child spread His Word to the lost in a miraculous way. You will never know God’s power without prayer.

Fifth, there must be faith attempts for God’s fire to fall. This act of Elijah was a great act of faith. We see little power because we attempt little things. Always remember that the greater the act of faith, the greater the power of God will fall. My friend, attempt something great for God, but while attempting the great act, add to it God’s Word, prayer, and a frequented altar, and God will show His mighty power through your life and ministry. God’s fire falling is for you, but you must do the same acts Elijah did before the fire falls if you want it to fall in your life.


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