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  • Allen Domelle

Bezaleel Ministry

Exodus 31:1-2

And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, See, I have called by name Bezaleel the son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah:

When God went to build the tabernacle for the wilderness, He prepared a man named Bezaleel to do the job. Bezaleel was not a preacher, but he was a skilled worker. The Scriptures teach that God gave him talent and wisdom to help build this tabernacle and all the things needed for the priests to use in their service to God.

It is interesting that Bezaleel never preached one sermon, but he was critical to the work of the LORD. Bezaleel was not what many would call a full-time servant of the LORD, but he was as critical to the work of the LORD as those who were in full-time service. What made this man so critical to the work of the LORD? What made him critical were the talents that he used in his employment, he used them for the work of the LORD. Yes, he needed employment, but his talents that God gave him were for God’s work. Bezaleel will never be known for what he did with his talent for the world, but he is known for what he did for God’s work with his talent.

Every church has Bezaleels in their midst, that if they used their talents to help their church, it would further the cause of that church. I am a firm believer that God has placed inside of every church the people to accomplish the work of the LORD. The problem is that many people have never used their talents as a way to serve the LORD. Let me share a few thoughts about how you can get involved in the Bezaleel ministry of your church.

First, God always equips a church with people who dedicate themselves to serve Him. In other words, if God has a work for a church to do, He equips that church so they can do that work. Likewise, God equips His people to serve Him so that His work can be furthered in reaching the lost for Christ.

Second, you have something that you can contribute to the work of the LORD. Everyone has some talent they can use for the LORD. Never underestimate what your ability is in the church. A church often needs mechanics, decorators, organizers, people to prepare food, and handymen, to name a few. You are good at something; use what you are good at to help your church.

Third, Bezaleel did not charge for his talents, but he gave of his talent to further God’s cause. The church is not a bank for you to make your living. Your love for the LORD and your church ought to be so great that you would dedicate your time as a gift instead of charging the church. God gave you talent to use for His service; don't miss out on God’s blessings because you charge for what He gave you to give.

Fourth, your talent contribution is not a substitute for your soul winning. Bezaleel still had to serve God like everyone else, and you must still be a soul winner despite giving of your talents to serve the LORD. There is no substitute of labor for God’s command to be a soul winner. God’s command to be a soul winner must always be obeyed along with using your talents to help His church.

The benefit of the Bezaleel ministry is found in the meaning of his name, “in the shadow of God.” The blessing of giving your talents to be used by God always results in His presence overshadowing your life.


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