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  • Allen Domelle

Chosen and Used by God

Amos 7:15

And the LORD took me as I followed the flock, and the LORD said unto me, Go, prophesy unto my people Israel.

Amos tells how God called him into the ministry. Amos said he was doing his own thing when God called him, and he was more than willing to obey God. God’s calling of Amos was not on Amos’ timeline, but his yielded heart was willing to throw out his desires for what he was doing in life and what he wanted to do with his life to follow God’s call. Had Amos not followed the call of God on his life, he would have never been used to the degree that God took his life and placed his sermons and life ministry in His Word.

The call of God is not a spooky thing that is hard to discern. I have heard preachers make the statement, “You must know that God is calling you if you are to surrender to be a preacher.” This sounds wonderful, but when you ask these preachers how they knew God called them they cannot tell you. God does call people into full-time service, but before He calls, there are several things a person must be doing for them to qualify for God’s calling on their lives.

First, God has never used anyone who wasn’t first walking with God. You won’t know the voice of God’s call if you are not walking with Him in His Word and prayer. Amos knew it was God calling him because he was already walking with God. Don't expect God to use you or call you if you are not walking with Him in His Word and in prayer.

Second, God has never used anyone who wasn’t already following someone. Amos said the LORD took him as he followed. God cannot use people who are not following. If a person is unwilling to follow their man of God, they won’t follow God when He wants them to do something. Following is a character trait that is necessary to establish before God can use anyone. If you cannot follow, God cannot use you to lead.

Third, God has never used anyone who wasn’t already working. Amos was working when God called him. God’s call always requires work. Nobody has ever seen God do the miraculous through their life without working. You can sit and wait for God to use you, but you will be sitting and waiting for the rest of your life because God doesn't use sitters; He uses workers.

Fourth, God has never used anyone who wasn’t obedient. Amos didn’t choose what he wanted to do; he did what God told him to do. If you want God to use you, you must be obedient to what God has already commanded you to do, because if you won't do what you already know to do, you won’t do what God calls you to do when He calls.

Fifth, God has never used anyone who wasn’t available. God used Amos because he was available for God to use him. Availability is one of the greatest needs of anyone whom God chooses to use. If your life is filled with your agenda, it won’t matter if God calls you because you already have your life planned out. Everyone needs to throw their plans and agenda for their lives away and ask God to show them what He wants them to do. I am not saying that God calls everyone to be a preacher, but whatever you do in life must be what God wants you to do. God’s call is for any walk of life because God’s call is to do what He created you to do. If you are not available to do what God wants you to do, you will never know what His will is for your life.


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