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  • Allen Domelle

Dealing With Your Critics

Mark 15:3

And the chief priests accused him of many things: but he answered nothing.

Critics are plenteous if you stand for truth or are doing anything for God. Even Jesus had critics. How would you like to be on the side of these critics today? Jesus did nothing wrong, but He did proclaim truth. He did nothing evil, but He did live a life of doing good and reaching the lost so they would not have to go to Hell. Jesus said nothing that was against Scriptural doctrine, but He still had critics that demanded for Him to give an answer. It mattered not how right Jesus was; the critics were going to criticize because He exposed their wrong and they didn't want to come to grips that they were wrong.

However, when the critics demanded that Jesus give an answer, His answer had already been given. Jesus knew that it didn't matter what He said to these critics because they would not accept what He said even if He proved to them that what He said was true. By the way, He did prove to them that what He said was truth. Jesus’ response to the critics angered them more, but His response to the critics is the response every believer should have when it comes to their critics.

My pastor told me years ago that the nature of my preaching would cause me to deal with battles my entire ministry. It is not that I want battles, nor do I seek to be in battles, but I don't run from battles when truth must be proclaimed. I have learned that many just don't want to deal with critics, so they will be silent when truth is compromised. However, if you take a stand, and if you choose to contend for the faith, you will find many critics that are evil in what they say about you, who twist your words and say you said things you never said, and will only be content when you are gone because they want to continue living their worldly and compromising life. Let me share what your response should be when the critics demand a response.

First, your response is your initial contending for the faith. That fact that you are contending for the faith and have already made your position clear is all that needs to be said. Never try to make your position clearer than what you initially said because the critics will criticize your response.

Second, the best response to your critics is no response. The critics hate it when you don't respond because you refuse to make them the authority they think they are. Just because they criticize does not mean you have to respond. The one thing a critic wants is a response, so the best response is not to cast your pearls before swine.

Third, just because your critics demand a response does not mean you should respond. Let the critics demand all day that you MUST respond; the only person you must respond to is God. If what you said or are doing is correct, only God is the one you must face. Therefore, do not feel you must give a response though the critics demand that you give a response.

Fourth, keep doing the right that brought the critics into your world. I have learned that one thing the critic cannot answer is what God is doing through your life. Therefore, the best response to critics is to keep doing right and continue reaching the lost for Christ. The critic is trying to get you to stop these, but your response must be to step up your efforts to do more right so you can reach more people for Christ.


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