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  • Allen Domelle

Digging Ditches

2 Kings 3:16

And he said, Thus saith the LORD, Make this valley full of ditches.

Israel and Judah faced a mighty Moabite army that seemed stronger than their own. They came to Elisha for guidance on what to do. His advice was to make the valley full of ditches. It was the faith to dig these ditches that proved to God they trusted what the preacher told them to do. Had they not dug the ditches, the miraculous of the Moabite army being destroyed would not have happened.

There is always much work before the miraculous can happen. Someone must dig the ditches. God always has a miracle in the waiting, but the miracle never comes without someone working to dig the ditches. Yes, digging the ditches takes work, but the work is worth it when you see God come through with His mighty power. Let me share what ditches must be dug before you will see the miraculous.

First, you need to dig a ditch with vision. God always honors faith vision. You are sure to live in mediocrity without a faith vision for the miraculous. One of the areas where we need a revival amongst God’s people is in the area of getting a vision to do something great for God. Never let the naysayers and critics stop you from having a great vision to do something great for God. Without a faith vision, you will never see what God wants to do through you.

Second, you need to dig a ditch of organization. Nothing will happen until you start to organize. There are some who say that you don't want to organize God out as if God doesn't work through organization. My friend, God works greater through organization than disorganization. These who talk about organizing God out are those who have never looked through the Scriptures to see how many times God has done the miraculous through organization. Taking the time to organize always allows you to do more. If we are organized, God can use each of us greater. Never underestimate the importance of taking time to organize what you are trying to do for God.

Third, you need to dig the ditch of selling the vision. You need others to get involved with what you are doing, which means you must sell your vision to others to get them involved financially and in involvement. People always want to be part of something big, and communicating your vision and organization will help them to get involved with what you are doing. If you believe in what you are doing, don't be afraid to sell your vision to others; they can't see the vision if you don't communicate it to them.

Fourth, you need to dig the ditch of work. No miracle has happened without work. God always honors work, and if God’s people are not willing to do the hard work of digging the ditches for what you are trying to accomplish, there is no need for God to show His mighty power. God only shows His power when we have worked to our ability but need His power to help us complete what we are trying to do.

Fifth, you need to dig the ditch of prayer. Miracles are always bathed in prayer. We will never see the great power of God performing miracles through our lives or ministries if we don't spend time in prayer. As much as we need organization and work, we also need much time in prayer. Prayer is the catalyst of the miraculous that says to God, “I need you now or I am going to die trying to see you do something mighty.”


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