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Earthen Pitchers

Lamentations 4:2

“The precious sons of Zion, comparable to fine gold, how are they esteemed as earthen pitchers, the work of the hands of the potter!”

Jeremiah states, “how are they esteemed as earthen pitchers?” He asks this question because he remembers the gold that Judah once had and the prosperity of his country. He states in verse 1, “How is the gold become dim! how is the most fine gold changed!” You will notice that He states that which is gold is now perceived as earthen pitchers. What once used to be in awe is now considered common. He was stating that it was sad that the gold became so common that it was not cared for as gold, and because of this, earthen vessels replaced the gold. Certainly, this statement is about the calamities of Judah, but it can be applied to our relationships with each other.

Let me explain by way of illustration. I recently stood in our soul winning meeting at our church and saw a young couple walk in who had just gotten married. The smiles on their faces as they walked in holding each other’s hands was pleasant to see. Then, I looked around and saw the married couples who had been married for years and didn't see them holding hands, and some were sitting in different parts of the building. No, their marriages are not in jeopardy, but the newness of marriage has worn off, and if not carefully guarded, they could become so used to each other that they could ruin their marriage.


You must be careful in relationships that you don't let the earthen vessels cause you to lose the gold that you have in a relationship. Let me remind you that gold is an earthen vessel as well; you just can't see the flaws in the gold at first because of how enamored you are with it. Likewise, in relationships, you must not let the familiarity of the relationship cause you to lose the gold that you once saw in it.

Married person, let me warn you about not letting the weaknesses of your spouse and your familiarity with them cause you to lose the gold you once had in your relationship. You should be as passionate, loving, and respectful towards them now as you were when you first got married. You should desire to hold their hands, kiss them, sit next to them, talk to them, and be with them as you were when you first got married. You cannot let familiarity with your spouse cause you to lose sight of the gold you once saw in them.

Church member, when you first went to your church, you saw the gold in your church. Once you have been in your church for a while, you learned that the gold was an earthen vessel, and you lost the awe of your church. You must be careful that you don't let the familiarity of your church and pastor, and the weaknesses you see in them because of familiarity cause you to lose sight of the gold that God has given you with your church and pastor. You can look for other churches to attend, but those churches are earthen vessels just like the church you attend.

Christian, you better be careful about letting the excitement of God wane because of your familiarity with Him. NO, God has no flaws or weaknesses, but we can become so familiar with Him that we lose the awe of the gold of His Word, time in prayer with Him, being used by Him, and His constant presence in our lives. Always keep in awe of God by living by faith, and God will never become an earthen vessel to you.


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