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  • Allen Domelle

Evidence of Faith

Luke 5:20

And when he saw their faith, he said unto him, Man, thy sins are forgiven thee.

A man who was sick of the palsy was healed, not because of his faith, but because of the faith of those men who carried him to Jesus. These men so badly wanted to get their friend to Jesus, but they could not get to him because of the crowd that thronged Jesus kept them from getting to Him. These men were determined not to let this crowd stop them, so they climbed onto the roof of the house and tore the roof off without care of what others thought about them, and let the man who was sick of the palsy down through the roof to Jesus. The Scriptures say when Jesus saw their faith is when He healed this man.

The evidence of their faith was the obstacles they did not let stop them from getting Jesus to heal this man. The evidence of their faith was certainly the journey they took to get this man to Jesus. The evidence of their faith was these men carrying the sick of the palsy. The evidence of their faith was working their way through the crowd to get to the house. The evidence of their faith was crawling up on the roof and lifting this man to the roof. The evidence of their faith was the work it took to tear apart the roof. The evidence of their faith was these men letting the man who was sick of the palsy down into the midst of Jesus. The evidence of these men’s faith was their work to get to Jesus.

Faith is always evidenced by action to step out on what you believe God will do. To say you have faith and not have action is an oxymoron. All faith is evidenced by action. Faith is a verb, which means to have faith you act on something that you can't see, believing that God will come through to help you do it. For instance, your faith to get saved is evidenced by the prayer you prayed to ask Jesus to save you. The evidence of your faith is the action you take, and it is that action that shows God that you believe He can do what you believe He can do.

When I took over the pastorate of Maranatha Baptist Church, the present auditorium was a gym. Half of the gym was cluttered with “things,” and the rooms on the side of the gym was storage for the church. In the very first days of my pastorate, I told the church that God would fill our buildings, but we had to empty the rooms and gym of the things being stored before God would fill it. One by one, we emptied the rooms and the gym, and when it was all emptied, God honored our faith by filling these places that used to be storage with people. Today, what used to be storage is a large auditorium that God fills every Sunday. When God saw our faith, He responded by filling our church.

What evidence of faith does God see in your life that would move Him to do the miraculous through you? God can certainly do the miraculous without seeing your faith, but He wants to see that you have an investment in what you are doing before He shows His power and honors your faith. Faith is having skin in the game with action in what you believe so that God sees it and invests His power through you with the miraculous.

My friend, you can desire God to do something, but you must have the faith to act upon what you believe. If you wait for God to do something before you act, you will wait for the rest of your life. God wants to see the evidence of your faith, and when He sees it is when He will honor your faith.


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