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  • Allen Domelle

Exhorting Daily

Hebrews 3:13

But exhort one another daily, while it is called To day; lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin.

The verse above gives several demands to the believer. First, God demands the believer to exhort. To exhort means to encourage or urge. In other words, our job as believers is to be an encouragement to others. Our job as believers is to urge others to do right. Our responsibility as believers is to urge others to continue. The opposite of exhorting is discouraging. Your life and the words you speak are either an exhortation for others to continue or a discouragement to quit. I would much rather my life be an exhortation that urges others to do what I am doing than to be a discouragement to quit trying to do right. There are plenty of things in this world that can discourage people to stop doing right and serving God, so the believer must be the source of exhortation that encourages others to continue doing right.

Second, God demands the believer to exhort one another. You are to be the encouragement to your encourager. Sadly, many discourage their encouragers to the point that they have no one to encourage them when they need it. If you spend your life dragging down the ones trying to encourage you, who will you have to encourage you when you have discouraged your encourager? If every believer made it their goal to exhort everyone they are around, then every believer would be obeying God’s command to exhort one another.

Third, God demands the believer to exhort one another daily. It should be a daily task that you exhort others. In other words, God wants your life to be an encouragement to others 24/7. God is saying that exhortation should not just be something you do when you feel like it, but it should become a part of the fabric of your daily life.

If we are to exhort one another daily, how do we do that? First, you exhort one another daily with your life. Your life should be lived in such a manner that others would want to have what you have. God should work through your life so much that others are exhorted to try to do what you are doing. Let me ask, why would anyone want to do what you are doing if you are not doing anything with your life? Your life should be so filled with right living and the miraculous that others look at what is happening in your life and desire it.

Second, you are to exhort one another daily with your words. Our words do mean something. You should never use your words to attack, malign, or discourage others. For some reason, the only time some feel they need to say something is when they want to attack others. How does that exhort someone? Your words should be encouraging words that exhorts others to continue on instead of discouraging others to quit. Anybody can be a discourager of people with their words if they choose, but I would rather my words be used to encourage and urge others to continue serving the LORD and to keep doing right.

Third, you are to exhort one another daily with your attitude. The attitude you display either exhorts or discourages others. A “poor me” attitude never exhorts others. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, and stop carrying an attitude that everyone is against you. The only reason you think everyone is against you is because that is your attitude. Let your attitude be an encouraging one that despite the obstacles you face, you still have an attitude that lifts the spirit of others.


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