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  • Allen Domelle

God Living Through My Life

Jeremiah 4:2

And thou shalt swear, The LORD liveth, in truth, in judgment, and in righteousness; and the nations shall bless themselves in him, and in him shall they glory.

Jeremiah said that the LORD liveth in three things. In other words, if these three things are in your life, you will find that God will have the ability to do what He desires to do through you. You must understand that any time one of these three things is not evident in your life is when God can no longer do through your life what He could do if that thing is not there. Let’s discuss these critical things you need for God to have free reign in your life.

First, righteousness must reign in your life. Righteousness is more than not doing those things which are wrong, but it is doing those things which are right. For instance, there are many people who will say they don't smoke, drink alcohol, or have any vices in their lives. There are some who can say they never miss a day reading the Scriptures, praying, and they never miss a service in their church. These are all good things, but you must also do righteousness for God to have free reign in your life. Serving God through ministry and soul winning is doing righteousness. Simply put, I don't do wrong things so that God has free reign to do greater works through my life.

Second, judgment must be a part of your life for God to have free reign to work through you. Judgment is having the ability to make the right decisions. Judgment is looking at things justly, which allows you to make a right decision. Judgment is treating all people and situations fairly, which helps you to make the right decisions. Judgment is taking your opinions out so you can see situations clearly to make the right decisions. A person who wants God to have free reign in their life must be a person of judgment.

Third, truth must be a part of your life for God to have free reign to work through you. Truth may be the most critical of all three things that God mentions in this verse. Truth is the beginning point that allows judgment and righteousness to be accomplished. Without truth, you cannot have judgment, and without judgment, you cannot do righteousness. It is critical that truth be your primary focus because truth causes you to have judgment, and judgment causes you to do righteousness.

If truth is so critical, what is truth? Truth is being honest in word and in all that you do. Truth is the foundation of all that the believer does. For instance, Jesus declares Himself to be the Truth in John 14:6. A believer must be truthful to a fault if they want God to have free reign to do a great work in their life. You show me a person who is dishonest, and I will show you a person that God is not first in their life. You cannot be dishonest and the Truth be first in your life. Truth is critical to the Christian life; it is critical to salvation; it is critical to all that is possible for the believer to do.

My friend, if there is something you MUST do to allow God to have free reign to work in your life, you must be so in love with truth that any deceit and dishonesty seems despicable and abominable. To be in love with truth and to be focused on truth is to be in love with God and all that He wants you to do. Let me encourage you never to entertain any deceit or dishonesty in your life. The moment you choose to be untruthful in any capacity is the moment you put limits on God reigning with power through your life.


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