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Going Beyond the Status Quo

Colossians 1:10

That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God;

The command to be fruitful and increase is throughout the Scriptures. You cannot please God when you are not fruitful and when you are not increasing. Everything God has created, He created to be fruitful. Likewise, God expects everything that He starts through your life to increase.

One of the great weaknesses among Christians today is that the desire to be fruitful or increase is gone. It matters not to many that they don't have any fruit. It matters not to many pastors that their church is not increasing. Many are satisfied with the status quo as long as the status quo is comfortable. The reason most don't go beyond the status quo is because they don't want to be uncomfortable.

The one thing I cannot comprehend are believers and pastors who are ok with the status quo in their Christian life and ministry. When I took over the Maranatha Baptist Church as Pastor, one of the things that drove me was to fill the auditorium. Since a teenage young man, I have never wanted to be average, and that desire is still in my heart today. I don't want an average church, an average life, or an average Christian life.

There is one key that is found in the verse above that keeps you from living in the status quo. Paul said, That ye might walk… Walking is the key that keeps you from the status quo. In other words, you will never be fruitful if you don't walk worthy of the Lord. You will never see increase if you don't walk worthy of the Lord. There are a couple lessons that you must learn about the importance of walking if you are to keep yourself from the status quo.


First, highlights are not the everyday occurrence of walking. Walking is sometimes just moving forward. If you only do what is right when you are having a big day, you will find yourself living in the status quo. You must keep doing what you are supposed to be doing after the big day. Many find it easier to push themselves when they have the big day ahead, but it is after the big day is over that you must continue to push yourself. There are some days that you will walk in the valley, and a few days on the mountaintop, but you must never stop walking if you are to avoid the status quo.

Second, there will be some days you don't “feel” like walking, but you must will yourself to walk if you are to avoid the status quo. Some have the mentality that you should only serve the Lord when you have a passion for serving the Lord, but I have learned that passion and excitement come after you start serving the Lord out of duty. There will be many times when you must walk for God out of duty. There are many days when you must read the Scriptures and pray out of duty. Does this make you unspiritual? No! To do right out of duty when you don't feel like doing right may be more spiritual because it shows your character.

My friend, before you are fruitful, and before you see the increase, there will be many days that you are just walking and doing right, but never stop pushing yourself so you can avoid the status quo. Just remember that walking is a forward motion, which means you are not walking if you are not moving forward.


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