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  • Allen Domelle

It Takes a Team to Build

Nehemiah 2:18

Then I told them of the hand of my God which was good upon me; as also the king's words that he had spoken unto me. And they said, Let us rise up and build. So they strengthened their hands for this good work.

One great reason the wall of Jerusalem was rebuilt is because of the team mindset of those who helped Nehemiah. Nehemiah was certainly the catalyst. God touched Nehemiah’s heart to build the wall. However, after three nights of prayer and viewing the torn down walls, Nehemiah presented the vision to rebuild the wall, which caused the people to say, Let us rise up and build.

You will notice that they did not tell Nehemiah to build it alone, but they joined him in rebuilding the wall. Had Nehemiah attempted to rebuild the wall by himself, the wall would have never been rebuilt. If the people did not get with Nehemiah joining him to rebuild the wall, the wall would have never been rebuilt. It took a team of everyone on board doing the work to rebuild the wall.

Every great ministry God has built was done through a great leader who had a great team working with him to build. Nobody has built a great ministry by themselves. Great leaders have great followers who form a team to build something great for God together. If your church will become a great work, it will take the pastor and the people becoming a team to build the great work. Let me share several critical mindsets to building a great work for God.

First, there must be a leader that has a mind to build. The people would have never been motivated to build had Nehemiah not had the vision and presented the vision to them. No work is built from the people motivating the leader, but the leader must motivate the people for the work to be built.

Second, nothing great is built by one person, but by many people. The leader must understand that they cannot do it alone. When a leader fails to give tasks to others, they hurt the ability for God to do a great work in their ministry. Every leader must learn to delegate if they are to build something great for God.

Third, the people getting involved is critical to building a great work. You cannot watch your pastor do everything while you sit and do nothing if you expect God to build a great work in your church. The pastor cannot make you get involved, but you must be willing to get involved.

Fourth, there is no “i” in team. The work cannot be about one ministry or one person, but for God to build something great in your church, it must be about the whole work. You certainly ought to have a heart for what you do, but you must also accept that every other ministry in the church is also critical to God building a great work in your church. Pettiness and selfishness must be laid aside if God is to build a great work in your church.

Fifth, there is a willingness to follow the established procedures for God to build a great work in your church. Procedures are established so that everyone can work together to build something great. If one person is unwilling to follow the procedures, it harms the work in progress. Be willing to follow the established procedures and stop giving grief to the pastor because of those procedures so that God can use the team called the church to build a great work.


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