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  • Allen Domelle

Magnify His Work

Job 36:24

Remember that thou magnify his work, which men behold.”

With society magnifying the works of Satan, believers should be magnifying the works of God. Society seems to magnify alcoholism, the sodomite lifestyle, people staying out of church on Sunday for sports, and evil people defying God. If only God’s people had the same desire to magnify the works of God as the heathen do, many would see that God’s works are more powerful than Satan’s.

When the Scriptures say to “magnify” His work, they are saying to make His works big so that we can see their importance. Maybe the reason so many don't want to do the works of God is because so few people want to magnify them. It is sad when an individual magnifies the works of God, but God’s people are critical of that person magnifying these great works. Let me ask those who are critical of those who magnify God’s works, are you as critical of the heathen who magnify the world and sin? Do you go to social media and criticize the heathen who magnifies the works of Satan? It ought to be that every believer magnifies the works of God. So, what are the works of God that we should magnify?

First, souls being saved is a work of God. Maybe the greatest work that God does is to save a soul from Hell. Would you not agree with me that the work of Calvary was the greatest work of Christ? If it is, and it is, then we should magnify every soul being saved from Hell. It ought to be a regular occurrence that God’s people magnify God’s work of people getting saved.

Second, churches increasing are the work of God. The Scriptures say that God giveth the increase. If a church is growing, it is the work of God and ought to be magnified. Sadly, the Pharisee will criticize because they are not building anything, but those who want to magnify the works of God ought to be making big about a church growing. The church itself is God’s work, but for that church to increase is also God’s work. Therefore, we should magnify churches growing to the whole world because we are magnifying God’s work.

Third, the miraculous happening is the work of God. Man does not do the miraculous; God does; therefore, any time the miraculous happens, we are seeing God’s work. You ought to make big when God does something big. When someone is healed, magnify the work of God. When a life is changed, magnify the work of God. When a church has a big day, magnify the work of God. I would rather be criticized for magnifying the work of God than to be the critic who criticizes the one magnifying God’s work.

However, you can’t magnify the works of God if you are not doing them. How can you magnify souls being saved if you are not actively reaching the lost for Christ? How can you magnify a growing church if your church is dying? How can you magnify God doing the miraculous through you if you are not attempting the miraculous?

My friend, you must do these things if you are going to magnify God’s work. Certainly, you want to magnify the works of God, but that desire to magnify them ought to cause you to do them. Let me challenge you to win someone to Christ every week, bring someone to church every Sunday, and ask God to do the miraculous through you so you can magnify His works through your life.


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