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  • Allen Domelle

My Daily Reset Button

Psalm 5:3

My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.

On the back of a modem in my house is a little red button called the reset button. There are times when my internet gets a bit sluggish that I will press the reset button to get it running at the speed it needs to run. That little reset button puts everything in the modem back to working the way it should work so that it can be the tool to help the one who owns it to enjoy the internet to its fullest speed.

Life often needs a reset button to reset our attitude and outlook. After going through a tough day, you need a reset button to press to refocus your life and attitude. The pastor can have a bad day in church services or in the ministry, and often they need a reset button to get them back to the way God needs them to be. The believer can have a rough day on the job or with their health, and having a daily reset button to get them refocused is critical to being the believer God needs them to be for others.

The psalmist discovered the reset button for the believer. He said, My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee … The psalmist figured out that yesterday doesn't have to affect today. Just like the psalmist, I have discovered the reset button that resets me so that I can be what God needs me to be for others. Let me share what the reset button is to reset your day.

First, reading God’s Word daily is the reset button that resets the believer's outlook on life. Reading God’s Word daily often reminds you of God’s power to help you through any problem you presently face. Many wonder why they are so down on life, but all they must look to is their lack of reading God’s Word daily. Every day when I read God’s Word, I am reminded of the power of faith, the power of God to do the miraculous, the faithfulness of God to always be with me in every situation, and the providence of God working in my life. You are missing the very thing that could reset your mind daily by not reading God’s Word.

Second, praying is a reset button to your daily life. Not only did the psalmist listen for God’s voice in His Word, but he directed his prayer daily to God. You can read God’s Word and not spend time in prayer, and you have not used the reset button God gives to reset your outlook for the day. Not only do I spend time reading God’s Word, but I also spend time praying, and it is often that time of prayer that takes God’s Word to reset my mindset so I can be a better help to others. You cannot be for others what God needs you to be without pressing the daily reset button of prayer and walking with God in His Word.

The critical instruction God gives to reading God’s Word and prayer working as a reset button is that the psalmist did these things in the morning. This is where many miss the reset button. I hear people say they get more out of God’s Word in the evening than they do in the morning, but I would have to disagree. Throughout the Scriptures, you see the importance of walking with God in the morning. No, there is nothing wrong with doing these at night, but doing these things in the morning is what resets you so that you can be what God needs you to be for others. My friend, set time aside in the morning to press the reset button, and if you will do this, you will find your outlook will change, and you will be a tool God can use to be a help to others daily.


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