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Never Be Moved

Psalm 15:5

“He that putteth not out his money to usury, nor taketh reward against the innocent. He that doeth these things shall never be moved.”

There is a phrase in the verse above that shows God’s desire for every believer. The key is, “shall never be moved.” The word “moved” means to be relocated, budged, or affected. In other words, there are things in life that can move the believer of which we must beware.

I am always amazed at what it takes to move good people from what they should be. I have watched people who seemed to be solid believers allow a situation in life to move them. We may not be able to control what happens in life, but we can control whether we move from what we believe and are supposed to be doing for God. Maybe, one of the greatest things about Job, Joseph, and the three Hebrew children was that they didn't move despite their hardships. They had opportunities to move, but they made a conscious choice not to move. Let me share six situations in life that you must be careful that they don't move you.

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First, don't let money move you. The desire for money and riches has moved many people. Many people have taken the road to increase their wealth and moved from what they used to do for God. If money can buy you, it will move you constantly for the rest of your life and will own you and dictate what you do in life, including sin.

Second, don't let compromise move you. Moses was faced with Pharaoh’s compromise, but he did not move. If you compromise in one area, you have shown Satan what it takes to move you, and he will offer you other compromises down the road. Compromise should never be a consideration. Settle what you believe and never move.

Third, don't let anger move you. Many have been hurt by someone and become angry, and their anger moved them to do wrong. Forgiveness is always better than anger and revenge. Don't let anger destroy your testimony for Christ. When others do you wrong, forgive them so that you continue to do what is right for God.

Fourth, don't let trials move you. Many have gone through tough times and turned away from God. Trials are certainly not easy, but they should never move you from what you are supposed to be and do for God. If trials move you, Satan will continually tempt you to move by sending more trials your way. You must determine never to move despite any trial you face.

Fifth, don't let death move you. Many have lost a loved one only to change for the worse after their death. If right was right when they were alive, it is still right after they die. Don't let the heartache of death move you from doing what you are supposed to do for God. Death is a part of life that we all must face, but it should draw us closer to God because of His comfort, and not cause us to move away from Him.

Sixth, don't let weariness move you. The Scriptures warn not to be weary in well doing. We all can become weary in the Christian race, but we must never allow weariness to move us from standing and continuing for Christ.

My friend, don’t let Satan know what it takes to move you. You can disarm Satan if you don’t let these things move you when you face them.


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