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  • Allen Domelle

No Man Remembered

Ecclesiastes 9:15

Now there was found in it a poor wise man, and he by his wisdom delivered the city; yet no man remembered that same poor man.

What a troubling statement, yet no man remembered that same poor man. This poor man was a wise man who saved his city from destruction. You would think this poor man would have been given the key to the city. You would think that he would never have to pay the bill at any restaurant he went to because someone would want to pay his bill because of what he did for the city. You would think a statue would be made of this man in the city square who had saved this city. Sadly, none of these happened. Instead, after the euphoria of being saved from destruction was over, this poor man and what he did for his city was forgotten.

As troubling as this statement is, the ungratefulness for those who have done something for others happens time and time again. It is sad that those who have invested in one’s life in the past are quickly forgotten for the new kid on the block. How quickly we forget how our lives were impacted by someone in the past! It should never be that those who have done something to help us in the past are completely pushed aside for someone in the present who has done nothing for us.

Let me elaborate a little more. It is sad that the preachers from the past are forgotten for someone in the present. Sadly, many are more concerned about what someone has done for them today instead of remembering what others did for them in the past. I am not against honoring the preachers of the present who God is using, but don't throw the preachers from the past away because they are no longer “relevant.” Many preachers from the past, including the pastor that invested in you as a child, are the ones God used to make you the person you are today. You owe them a debt not to forget what they have done.

Moreover, there are people who helped make you the person you are today that ought to be honored and not thrown away like a piece of trash. Your parents invested in you, and you owe them a great debt of honor because of all the time they invested in you to help you become the person you are today. Whether it be a bus worker, Sunday school teacher, or a preacher in the past who invested in you, never stop honoring them just because someone more flashy in the present has come along.

There is nothing wrong with honoring those in the present who are investing in your life, but cannot you honor both the present and the past people who invested in you? I am not saying that you should ignore those who are making a good impact on your life today, but I am saying don't forget those from the past who laid the foundation for the person who is impacting your life today. Both should be remembered!

Be careful about forgetting those who helped to build your life. Don't throw out the old paths for new ideas that have done nothing for you. Preacher, you ought to schedule those preachers from the past who are still good preachers that you used to have because they invested in you. Adult child, don't forget the parents who invested in you when they get old; they may be a little “boring and different,” but they deserve your love, honor and respect. Christian, don't forget God who saved you from Hell for present enjoyments. If it were not for God, you would not be where you are today. Remember Him!


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