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  • Allen Domelle

Obstacles to Finishing

Ecclesiastes 7:8

Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.

There is something about looking at a finished project that is satisfying and fulfilling. The verse above teaches that the end is better than the beginning. Many know the excitement and thrill of starting something, but few know the satisfaction and fulfillment of finishing because so many quit before they finish.

My parents taught me when I was young to finish what I started. My mother never let me play unless I had finished all my chores. When I said I was finished, she inspected the work to be sure I was finished. She did not want me to do a subpar effort and leave things undone, but she wanted me to completely finish the whole task.

One thing that keeps many from succeeding in life is that they never finish what they start. Finishing what you start takes character, and that is why we have so few finishers in society. You will find that there are many obstacles you must overcome to become a finisher. There are six things you must overcome that keep most people from finishing.

First, not starting keeps many from finishing. You can talk much about what you plan to do, but you will never get to the finish line if you don't start. You must move beyond talking to action if you ever plan to get to the finish line.

Second, unexpected difficulties keep many from finishing. Many quit when they encounter unexpected difficulties, but some of those difficulties could be the final step before the finish line. Finishers accept difficulties as a challenge and finish, whereas quitters quit because they only want to do the easy thing If you only continue when it is easy, you will never be a finisher because unexpected difficulties will arise.

Third, the thrill of starting something new keeps many from finishing. There is an excitement in starting something new. Some will start something, and then start another thing, and then start another thing but never finish anything they start. Don't be so addicted to starting something new because of the excitement that starting brings that you never finish what you start.

Fourth, too many things being done simultaneously keeps some from finishing. Some people jump from one thing to the next instead of staying on the job at hand until they finish, which keeps them from being finishers. The best way to be a finisher is to do one thing at a time. You will find that you become more valuable if you become a finisher than you ever will by being a person who jumps from one thing to the next and never finish in a timely manner what you are supposed to be doing. Time is money; therefore, don't do several things at one time, but do one thing and finish it before moving on to the next project.

Fifth, the overwhelming feeling of the greatness of the task keeps some from finishing. Looking at all that you must do overwhelms some, and they go into hibernation mode and never finish. There may be many things you need to do, but be patient and do one thing at a time and you will finish.

Sixth, the finishing touches keeps some from finishing. Some get most everything done, but they leave the finishing touches undone. Don't let the tedious work of the finishing touches keep you from being a finisher.


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