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  • Allen Domelle

Silencing the Enemy

Acts 4:14

And beholding the man which was healed standing with them, they could say nothing against it.

Though the enemies of the church wanted to discredit what was happening, they had a hard time because they could not argue against the results. Peter and John stood before the council because they preached that the only way to get saved was through Jesus Christ. When the council allowed Peter and John to speak, they noticed they spoke with boldness. The council surmised that Peter and John were unlearned men, or men who had not gone to their college. The council took knowledge these men had been with Jesus. The council could have easily criticized these men for all of these things and never have been silenced, but what silenced the criticism and attacks of the council was that they could not discredit the works being done through them.

You will acquire critics if you do anything for God, but the miraculous works that God does through you is the only way to discredit the critics. Too many try to silence their critics by getting more education, but education has never silenced one critic. You can read their books so you can “debate them better,” but the only thing that will happen by reading their books is their poison will change you. You can be bold, but your boldness will be perceived as arrogance. The only thing that will silence your critics are God’s miraculous works done through you. God’s miraculous works done by those who attempt them is what disarms the critic’s criticism. Four things are needed if you are going to discredit your critics.

First, you must be obedient to do God’s works. Obedience is the key to anyone seeing God’s power rest upon them. Disobedience only adds fuel to the critic’s criticism. You must be obedient and do God’s works if God will do a great work through you.

Second, you must be a daily witness for God to do something through you. God has never done any great work through anyone who was not a soul winning witness. You can stand for right and preach the truth, but your critics will criticize you for what you believe. However, to be a witness for Christ is necessary for God to do His mighty works through you.

Third, you must be filled with the Holy Ghost. God does not fill those who are not preaching His Gospel. There is no purpose to be filled if you are not preaching the Gospel to the lost. Therefore, you will never discredit the critics if you don't have God’s power on you. If you want your critics silenced, you must be a soul winner because God fills soul winners with His power. Yes, soul winning bring the criticism of lazy critics, but it also gives you God’s power.

Fourth, you must attempt great works for God. God doesn't need to fill you with His power if you don't attempt something great for Him. It is those who attempt great works by faith to reach the lost with the Gospel that causes God’s power to rest upon you, which results in miraculous works.

My friend, all four things are necessary for God to do His miraculous works through you. The miraculous works that God does through you will silence your critics because they cannot argue against the obvious works that are done. Critics will come if you believe what is right, but God's works through you because you do these four things will silence your critics and make them look like fools.


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