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  • Allen Domelle

Soweth Discord

Proverbs 6:14

Frowardness is in his heart, he deviseth mischief continually; he soweth discord.

In this verse, God is defining a wicked man. One of the characteristics of a wicked man is that he soweth discord. It is interesting that this man is not the display of discord or the one who is the face of it, but he is the one who privately sows it. In other words, he is the one who scatters the discord. He is the one who distributes the discord. He is not always the one who conceives the discord, but he will take the discord and privately make sure everyone hears about it.

Years ago, I was preaching a meeting at a camp, and there was a pastor attending who knew the differences that each pastor who had brought a group had with other pastors. This pastor would, while eating with different pastors, say something that he knew would cause a sharp disagreement between two pastors and then sit back and watch them argue with each other. For some reason, this pastor was amused by this; however, the Scriptures calls this sowing discord among the brethren. God goes further with this truth by saying that it is an abomination to him that soweth discord among brethren. There are a few things I would like to point out to you about the abominable act of sowing discord.

First, just because you are not the one who contrives the source of discord does not mean you are not guilty before God. Maybe what the source of discord is has nothing to do with you, but if you are the one who sows it, that is what is abominable to God. You don't have to be the source of discord to be wrong in God’s sight; it is the distributing of that which causes discord that is abominable to God.

Second, just because the discord you are scattering is true does not make it right to sow discord. The scattering of discord is what is wrong. The distributing of discord is abominable to God. God is not about discord, but He is about trying to bring harmony between people. It is sin that divides, and discord is a divider. When sin divided man from God, God devised the plan of salvation to bring harmony back between He and man. God blesses the person who is more interested in removing that which causes discord so that man can be in harmony with Him and others.

Third, to sow discord among brethren brings the sin of sowing discord to a worse level. Often the sower of discord sows is behind the scenes, but God sees what the sower has done and will judge their actions. Just because you have a disagreement with a believer does not give you the right to sow discord about them. Your sowing of discord about another believer or church will likely cause many to quit serving God to their own hurt. I would hate to think that my personal vendetta to destroy a person would cause me to sow discord about them and hurt the cause of Christ at the same time.

Fourth, I would rather be a sower of good so that I can help people than to be a sower of discord that divides and destroys people and relationships. If you want to spread something, spread the Gospel that God commands you to spread. God does command us to distribute the good news of the Gospel. So, you have two types of seed you can spread; you can choose from Satan’s basket and sow seed of discord and destroy lives and relationships, or you can sow the seed of the Gospel and see people saved and relationships restored. The latter choice is the choice that will please God, so choose wisely which seed you choose to sow.


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