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  • Allen Domelle

Taking Charge

1 Chronicles 9:27

And they lodged round about the house of God, because the charge was upon them, and the opening thereof every morning pertained to them.

There were four men who were to take charge of opening the doors of the tabernacle every morning. To take charge means that is was their responsibility to make sure everything was cared for so that king David did not have to be concerned with this responsibility. By taking charge, these four men were carrying a great responsibility because all the people who needed to come to the temple each day for a sacrifice depended on them to open those doors.

Lets suppose that one day they had a family gathering and did not open the doors; those people who needed to make a sacrifice to God that day would not be able to do what was required of them. Lets say these men got caught up in an activity and forgot to do their responsibility; those doors would have stayed closed, and nobody could serve God the way they desired that day.

Taking charge of something in God’s work must never be taken lightly because we deal with the souls of mankind and the eternity of souls. Many people want to take charge of a responsibility, but they don't want the responsibility of that task. If you want to have a leadership position, you must take the responsibility that comes with that position.

To take charge of something means to become the guardian of that responsibility. In other words, you are to guard against that responsibility not being done right, and you are to guard against that responsibility not being fulfilled. To take charge of something means the weight of that responsibility is on you, and you must make sure that everything with that responsibility is cared for at all times. Let me share some reminders about the responsibility of taking charge of a task.

First, you have not taken charge of your responsibility if the leader who gave you the charge of a responsibility has to make sure that you have done your job. To say you are sorry for not doing your responsibility is not what is needed; what is needed is for you to make sure your job is done. The leader should never have to cover your responsibility because you forgot to do it. This is a lack of character and a lack of care for the importance of your task.

Second, treat that which you have taken charge of as the most important job in the world. Every responsibility should be treated as the greatest job in the world no matter how insignificant it may seem. If you treat everything you do as the most important job in the world, you will never be guilty of not fulfilling your responsibilities. Only those who think what they do is unimportant are those who don't care about what they do.

Third, be there for that which you have taken charge of. There is nothing worse for a leader than to give a task to someone, and they are often gone from fulfilling that task. Many think they have covered their responsibilities as they are out of town, but how many times will you miss your responsibility? If what you do is the most important job in the world, you won't miss it for the world. You will plan extracurricular events around your responsibility because of the importance of it. Treat your responsibilities importantly and you will find it is not a labor to have to do them.


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