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  • Allen Domelle

The Bush Makes the Difference

Acts 7:35

This Moses whom they refused, saying, Who made thee a ruler and a judge? the same did God send to be a ruler and a deliverer by the hand of the angel which appeared to him in the bush.

We see Moses at two different times in his life. The first time we see Moses is when he knew that God wanted him to lead Israel out of Egypt inserting himself into a situation where an Egyptian was beating an Israelite, and he kills the Egyptian. The next day, he saw two Israelite men fighting with each other, and they asked him if he was going to kill them like he did the Egyptian the day before. At these words, Moses fled into the wilderness. The second time we see Moses as a ruler and a deliverer for the Israelite people. The second time he was accepted by the people, whereas the first time he was rejected.

What is the difference between these two times? It was the same Moses, with the same background, with the same personality, and with the same God that He had before. However, something was greatly different between the first time he tried to be the leader and the second time that God sent him as the leader.

The difference was the burning bush. It was at that burning bush that God commissioned him to return to Egypt to deliver His people from bondage. Without the burning bush experience, Moses would have stayed in the wilderness, and God would have had to call someone else to deliver His people as He promised. It was the burning bush experience that made the great difference in Moses’ life, and it changed the man that he was.

You will never be used by God without a burning bush experience. The burning bush represents three things in the believer’s life for God to mightily use them. First, it is the experience of the wilderness that made Moses different. Moses lived in the wilderness for forty years, and those forty years gave him the experience he needed to lead Israel through that same wilderness. God has placed you in a church to gain experience so He can mightily use you later in life. You cannot gain the experience needed to be used by God if you don't get involved in the place where you are so you can gain valuable experience to help lead people when it is your time. Instead of sitting and watching everyone else do the work, you would be wise to get involved so you can gain the experience needed to help others later in life.

Second, the burning bush is a humbling experience. God never uses a person who thinks they are something. God only uses the person who has been humbled to the point that they realize they need God for everything. There are many good people doing God’s work who have yet to be humbled, but God has a way of humbling them so they can be used. Anyone God has used knows what the humbling experience is in their life that changed their ability for God to use them. God must take pride out of your life to get you to the point that you know you need Him for every situation you face in the ministry.

Third, the burning bush is when God’s power comes upon you. Nobody has been mightily used by God without His power. If you are not willing to get alone so you can have the burning bush experience of God’s power, you will never know what it is like for God to use you mightily. Yes, it will be a humbling experience, but God’s power resting upon your life is needed for Him to mightily use you to do a great work for Him.


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