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  • Allen Domelle

The Effective Soul Winners Mindset

Luke 9:1

Then he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases.

Any believer who wants to please God will be a soul winner. You cannot please God as a believer and not go soul winning. The commission of our Saviour before He went to Heaven was to tell the believer to reach the lost of the world. When you study the ministry of Christ on earth, you will find that His whole ministry was about reaching the lost.

However, there are some who are obedient to soul winning that are not effective soul winners. No soul winner has a desire to be ineffective with the Gospel. Every soul winner wants to be effective so they can be used to see souls saved. When Jesus sent His disciples, He gave them the tools to be effective soul winners. Those tools that He gave to His disciples are available to you. Let me share what your mindset must be as a soul winner if you will be effective in reaching the lost for Christ.

First, you must have the mindset that you are called of God. Every believer is called to be a soul winner. People wonder what they can do to serve the LORD, and the easiest way to serve Him is to tell others about Christ. Anybody can be a soul winner because God calls all to be soul winners. Moreover, God never calls one without equipping them to do what He called them to do. You must realize you are called of God if you are going to be an effective soul winner.

Second, you must have the mindset that God has given you the power to be a soul winner. Jesus gave His disciples the power to be soul winners, and He gives you that same power. He gave us the power of the Holy Spirit to be effective as a soul winner, so you must ask the Holy Spirit to empower you as you go soul winning so that you can be effective in reaching the lost.

Third, you must have the mindset that your calling makes you an authority. Jesus gave His disciples power and authority. God gave you the authority to be His representative to tell the world how to be saved. To be an effective soul winner, you must give the Gospel with authority. Every effective soul winner will be authoritative as they give it. In other words, be confident as you give the Gospel; your confidence as you give it shows the authority that God gave you.

Fourth, you must have the mindset that your job is to deliver the Gospel. Verse 2 says that Jesus sent us to preach the kingdom of God. You can pass out tracts, and that is fine, but you must give the Gospel. Don't just be satisfied with giving tracts to people, but always try to find a way to give them the Gospel because that is what God gave you the authority to do.

Fifth, you must have the mindset that it is not your responsibility to make people get saved. Our job is to give the Gospel in the manner that Christ tells us to give it, but the decision to get saved is up to the individual. Don't argue with people; just give them the Gospel and let them decide whether they want to be saved.

My friend, anybody can be an effective soul winner, and that includes you. Take these mindsets and make them yours as you go, and you will be pleasantly surprised how they will help you to be God’s tool to lead the lost to Christ.

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