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  • Allen Domelle

The Key to Bearing Fruit

Matthew 13:23

But he that received seed into the good ground is he that heareth the word, and understandeth it; which also beareth fruit, and bringeth forth, some an hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.

The parable of the seed is a message of Christ about the importance of God’s Word. In this parable, several things are critical to bringing forth fruit. Now, if you choose not to use one of the keys to bringing forth fruit, you will find that you will not produce fruit. These keys are not just for preachers, but it is for anyone who desires to bring forth fruit.

First, you must have seed to bring forth fruit. The seed is God’s Word. When I say God’s Word, I am talking about the King James Bible for those who speak English. Some may balk at this statement, but if you are trying to bring forth fruit that represents how Christ wants us to live, you must use God’s Word, the King James Bible, for this to happen. All you have to do is look at the churches and preachers who don't use the King James Bible and you will see their fruit looks like the world. You cannot bring forth fruit without the seed being used. This means you must study it if you are going to spread it. Trying to bring forth fruit without the seed is impossible.

Second, you must spread the seed to bring forth fruit. The seed left in the hand will never make it to the ground. Not only must you have God’s Word, but you must give out God’s Word. Every time God’s Word is given to someone is seed that is sown in the ground. Soul winning is critical to bring forth fruit. Likewise, the preaching and teaching of God’s Word is critical to bringing forth fruit. The person who received the seed could not have received it had someone not given it to them. We can complain about this world being a mess, but God’s Word does the world no good if someone does not give It to the world. The lost cannot get saved if someone will not give the seed to the lost. The saved will not bring forth fruit if someone does not teach and preach God’s Word to them. The hearer cannot hear if the preacher or teacher does not teach or preach God’s Word. Yes, we should have the right Bible, but having the right Bible and not giving it to the lost does nobody any good. Someone must spread the seed if we are to bring forth fruit.

Third, people need to understand what they hear if we are to bring forth fruit. You must keep the spreading of God’s Word simple so that people can understand it. It is critical that we not only give the Word of God to people through teaching and preaching, but that we make it so plain that they understand it; it is when they understand it that they become fruitful. If I simply spread the seed and people hear it, that is not enough. I must spread the seed and help people to understand it so that we can bring forth fruit.

Let me challenge you not to overcomplicate God’s Word. Too many try too hard as they give out God’s Word to show how smart they are, but the result is people don't understand what they hear, which keeps them from becoming fruit. It is critical that we teach God’s Word, but it is just as critical that we teach and preach it in a way that people can understand it. When people understand truth, the truth excites them to tell others the truth; this is how you get abounding fruit. Keep spreading the truth through soul winning, teaching, and preaching; keep it simple so they can understand it, and you will find that you will bring forth fruit abundantly. Truth understood is what produces growing churches that continue to bring forth fruit abundantly.


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