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  • Allen Domelle

The Power of Unity

Genesis 11:6

And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.

The key to not letting anything restrain you from building something for God is to be unified in what you do. These people were unified in building a tower to Heaven. Though their intentions were wrong, the fact that they were unified as one people and one language gave them the power to work together to build such a great edifice. Had these people been disorganized and divisive, they would have never been able to build such a great edifice.

The greatest work that anyone can do is the work of God. Sadly, too many people are divided because of opinions and preferences, which keeps God’s work from becoming a great work. Imagine what every church would become if every church were as unified as these people were in building the tower of Babel. Imagine how many souls would be saved if every church laid aside their preferences and opinions and organized themselves to do a great work for God. One of the greatest hindrances to any local church is disharmony amongst God's people. Let me share what allowed these people to be as one so that nothing could restrain them.

First, they had a common vision. These people all had the same vision of building a tower to Heaven. If God's people would get a vision for reaching the lost, it would be easy to lay aside anything that would cause division. You will never build anything great without everyone having the same vision. You cannot build something great without a vision, but you also cannot build something great if everyone has a divided vision. The vision of the church ought to be the Great Commission, and when we make the Great Commission our vision, we can build something great for the LORD.

Second, they were organized. It is much easier to build something great when you are organized than when you are disorganized. Organization is what allows you to go further in your cause. Disorganization steals time from the work that needs to be accomplished; whereas, organization gives time to do more. A church will only go as far as its organization. I have found that one of the greatest ways to organize a church is through the Sunday school. When a church is organized through the Sunday school, it will find it much easier to handle the growth that God gives to it.

Third, they focused on the great work. These people that built the tower of Babel certainly had their own opinions and preferences, but they laid those opinions and preferences aside because they stayed focused on the work at hand. The only reason that opinions and preferences cause division is because we lose focus on what we are doing for God. When everyone stays focused on what they are doing for God, our preferences and opinions will not matter; therefore, unity is discovered as we serve for the common cause of reaching the lost for Christ.

My friend, the greatest work in all the world is the work of reaching the lost for Christ. There is no room for division in the local church because it only slows the cause of reaching the lost before they go to Hell. Lay your preferences and opinions aside and get focused on the great work that God has commissioned the local church to do, and that great work is reaching the lost for Christ.


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