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  • Allen Domelle

The True Meaning of Trust

Ruth 2:12

The LORD recompense thy work, and a full reward be given thee of the LORD God of Israel, under whose wings thou art come to trust.

There are many great attributes about Ruth that many should emulate, but maybe her greatest attribute was her trust in the LORD. She trusted the LORD when she chose to leave everything she knew to move back to Bethel with Naomi. She trusted the LORD to provide when she had nothing to give. Though she had no children and saw no possibility of having a child, she still trusted God even though she didn’t see any reward for it. She trusted the LORD, and the LORD rewarded her trust by placing her in the lineage of Christ.

Ruth shows us what the true meaning of trust is. Trust means you are willing to do right, even if nothing good comes from it. Ruth trusted God even when she did not think that any good would happen to her. That is true trust! Too many say they trust the LORD when they see benefit, or they only trust Him until they get tired of waiting on the LORD to bless them. However, true trust in the LORD means you will continue to trust Him even if nothing good comes to you.

I think of all the heroes of the faith in Hebrews 11, who never saw the benefit of their trust while they were alive, yet they trusted God. I think of the three Hebrew children who trusted the LORD despite facing death, and it was their trust that God rewarded. I think of Lot who trusted the LORD even to the point of death did he chose to trust the LORD. Job’s trust in the LORD did not seem to benefit him, but he proclaimed that even if the LORD killed him that he would continue trusting in the LORD.

Let me ask you, are you basing your trust on the LORD in how much benefit you will receive? True trust will trust the LORD even if you get nothing out of it. True trust is paying your tithes and only getting back enough to pay your bills for the rest of your life. True trust is serving God and seeing nothing coming from it. You are not trusting God if you quit because you don't see any benefit from your actions of service for God.

Sunday school teacher, the degree of your trust in God is revealed by whether you continue to teach your class even when it seems that everything you do to grow your class does not motivate those in your class to invite others. Bus captain, how long you are willing to go week after week inviting people to church without seeing your bus filled reveals your true trust that God sees what you are doing. Pastor, how long you hold to the old paths despite your church not growing proves your trust in the LORD.

Trusting the LORD has nothing to do with whether your trust benefits you; it has everything to do with trusting the LORD is the right thing to do. The greatest reward of trusting the LORD is always found in eternity and not in immediate reward. If you only trust the LORD if you get an immediate blessing from it, you will quickly quit trusting the LORD when the difficult times come. Trusting the LORD is revealed in tough times. Trusting the LORD is proven as you are willing to continue trusting God despite the hardships that you face. Never stop trusting the LORD even when you see no benefit; God will reward your trust if you keep going when it seems no benefit comes from it.


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