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  • Allen Domelle

The Urgency Attitude of Successful Soul Winners

Acts 26:28

Then Agrippa said unto Paul, Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian.

The necessity for every person to get saved should cause an urgency in the presentation of the Gospel to the lost. In the Scriptures, God shows several attitudes of soul winners that reveals why they led many people to Christ.

One of the great soul winners in the Scriptures is the Apostle Paul. Everywhere Paul went, he told people how he got saved. When he stood before Agrippa, he told him the Gospel in such a manner that Agrippa felt that Paul was trying to persuade him to get saved. Though Agrippa refused the Gospel, it was Paul’s urgency for the Gospel that caused him to try to persuade Agrippa to be saved.

Another passage of Scripture that shows the urgency attitude we ought to have as soul winners is when Jesus teaches the parable of the great supper. The man who prepared the supper sent his servants to invite people to the supper, and when the supper was not filled, he sent them out again to do whatever they could to get people to this great supper. There are four attitudes in these two illustrations that show the urgency every soul winner should have when they present the Gospel to the lost.

First, you should bid people to get saved. To bid people means to offer them salvation. One of the great mindsets you must develop in presenting the Gospel is that you are offering people something of great value. My friend, there is nothing of greater value that anyone could have than Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. When you walk throughout life, be a person who bids people to be saved; simply offer them the opportunity to be saved.

Second, you should call people to get saved. A call is of greater urgency than to bid. To call is to appeal to one to be saved. When the bid does not work, appeal to them. I have found the greatest appeal to get saved is that a person can spend an eternity in Heaven as opposed to spending an eternity in Hell. Every soul winner should call people, or make an appeal for them to be saved. Nobody will be saved unless you make the call for them to be saved.

Third, you should compel people to be saved. The word compel means to put pressure on them. Jesus said in Luke 14:23, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled. Jesus said if they didn't get saved with a bid or a call, you need to compel people to be saved. Put pressure on people to be saved. You are not putting pressure on them to make a wrong decision, but a decision that will benefit them for eternity.

Fourth, you should persuade people to be saved. The word persuade means to try and convince someone to be saved. If bidding, calling, or compelling doesn't work, you should try to persuade someone to get saved. Paul tried to persuade Agrippa, which means it was not wrong for us to try to convince someone to be saved. Why would you not want to persuade someone to be saved? Is there a Hell? All of these attitudes are critical to leading people to Christ. You should have such an urgency for people to be saved that these four attitudes are a part of your presentation of the Gospel. Hell is real, and that is why we must have these attitudes of urgency as we present the Gospel. If you have these attitudes, you will see more people get saved.


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