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  • Allen Domelle

The Young Believer's Teacher

Galatians 1:17

Neither went I up to Jerusalem to them which were apostles before me; but I went into Arabia, and returned again unto Damascus.

If you were to listen to the average preacher or missionary, you would think nobody could turn out right if they did not sit in a discipleship class. For some reason, preachers have used the phrase “discipleship classes” as if it was a rabbit’s foot that magically converts young Christians into zealous servants for Christ. Yet, we have churches dying instead of thriving despite the plethora of discipleship classes in churches.

You would think with all the hoopla about discipleship classes that you could not build a church without one. However, when I look back at many of the great churches that turned out hundreds and likely thousands of people serving God, they had no discipleship class. Dr. Lee Roberson built a great church that turned out thousands of servants of God across the globe, yet he did not have one discipleship class. Dr. Jack Hyles built the largest Sunday school in the world and had over one thousand preacher boys around the world at his death, and he had no discipleship class. Other great men of God who had no discipleship class would be J. Frank Norris, Tom Malone, G.B. Vick, and many others, and yet they were able to see many saved and serving God in their ministries without a discipleship class.

One would have to wonder how Paul turned out right without sitting in a discipleship class and being “discipled” for several weeks. In fact, the opposite happened. Paul said that when he got saved, instead of going to Jerusalem, he went to Arabia. Now, how did Paul turn out right without having a discipleship class to attend? Three answers to this question could result in young Christians serving God if followed.

First, he had the Holy Spirit living within him to guide him into all truth. The Holy Spirit is the One who guides believers into all truth; therefore, no Christian has an excuse. Any believer, young and old, has an excuse that they didn't know better or what they should do because the Holy Spirit living within them will guide them into truth and away from sin. If all you had was the Holy Spirit and you yielded yourself to Him, you would easily find yourself doing right.

Second, Paul followed Christ. Christ’s discipleship model is found in two words, Follow me. Jesus never had a class for the disciples to sit and learn, but His class was on the field going after the souls of men. Jesus knew that those who will turn out right for Him must decide immediately to get involved. If there is no immediate involvement, there will likely be no disciple. Being a disciple does not save you and does not take away your salvation if you don't become a disciple, but it is where you follow Christ and find the greatest enjoyment in your Christian life.

Third, Paul went soul winning immediately after he got saved. Acts 9:20 says about Paul after he got saved, And straightway he preached Christ in the synagogues… In other words, one of the easiest ways to get young Christians to do right is to take them soul winning immediately. Nothing stirs a young believer to do right and want to learn from the Scriptures like soul winning. I know that the lazy preacher and believer who never goes soul winning doesn't like to hear this, but you will turn more passionate believers out for Christ by immediately taking them soul winning.


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