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  • Allen Domelle

There Went Virtue Out of Him

Luke 6:19

And the whole multitude sought to touch him: for there went virtue out of him, and healed them all.

Anyone who touches Jesus will find His power is there to help with anything they need. The multitude saw what happened when people touched Him, and they desired to have that same power touch them. Yes, t hundreds and maybe thousands desired to touch Jesus, but those who actually worked their way to Jesus found the virtue that had healed others healed them as well.

One of the greatest needs of our day is that people will do what they can to have God’s virtue work in their lives. The word virtue means power. In other words, all that touched Jesus saw God’s power work through their lives. The great need of our day is that virtue goes out of God to every believer so that great things can be done again. We often say that we want God to revive America, and He can, but we don't want to do what it takes for God to revive our nation. Let me remind you that the God who revived works in the past can still revive us today if we are willing to do what it takes to see God’s virtue in our lives. Let me point out several observations about God’s virtue.

First, God’s virtue is for anyone. God’s power is not just a past generation thing but a present generation thing. The God that built great works in the past can still build great works today. The God that saved souls miraculously in the past can still save souls today IF we would attempt to reach those souls. Always remember that God never changes, which means if God’s virtue worked through others in the past, it is still for us today.

Second, some will only see and wish they would have touched Him. There are many who read about God’s power working through others, and they will watch God working through others, but they are not willing to do what it takes for God to do something through them. I would hate to be the person who watched God work through others firsthand and never get Him to do a work through me.

Third, not every person who desired His virtue touched Him. The whole multitude desired to touch Jesus, but the whole multitude did not fight their way through the crowd to touch Him. It takes effort and determination to touch Jesus. You will not see God work through your life or ministry if you are quick to quit. Many desire for God to touch them and their ministry, but they are unwilling to work through the battles and trials to see Him touch them. Many desire God to help them reach their city, but they are unwilling to make the effort to work hard to reach their city. My friend, you will not reach your city without effort to work. You will never see God’s virtue touch you if you are not determined to continue until He does something in your life.

Fourth, God has enough virtue for any person who touches Him. The virtue of God is not a generational thing; it is an eternal thing. God’s virtue is for anyone who is willing to do what it takes for God to do something mighty through them. Oh, how we need people who are determined to do what it takes to reach the lost and build a great church in their city.

Fifth, when you touch Jesus, He touches you with His power. Nobody has ever touched Jesus and walked away the same. If you are willing to pray, work hard, and yield to the Holy Spirit, you will find that your work to touch Jesus will be rewarded by His touching your life.


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