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  • Allen Domelle

To Him That Overcometh

Revelation 2:7

He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God.

The word overcometh occurs seven times in Revelation chapters 2 and 3. That means God is very interested in His people being overcomers. These churches faced situations that tried to stop them from being what God wanted them to be, but He challenged them not to let the opposition stop them, but to overcome it. It is very interesting that God’s reward came to those who overcame the opposition. In other words, the fruit of the struggle was not enjoyed during the struggle, but it was enjoyed when they overcame the struggle.

Too many want life to be easy, but life is filled with challenges. Life could not be enjoyed if we did not overcome something. The empty life is the life that quits when struggles come, but the blessed life is enjoyed when facing opposition and overcoming it. You will never enjoy life and God’s blessings until you become an overcomer. There are six principles that overcoming means.

First, overcoming means that opposition will come. You will not get through life without having to face opposition. It does not matter whether you are saved or lost; everyone faces opposition. The difference between the saved and lost is that the saved have God’s power to help them, and the lost do not. You might as well accept that will opposition will come.

Second, overcoming means that your opposition or struggle looks bigger than your abilities. The fact that you must overcome something only means it is a big challenge not to let it defeat you. The fact that it is big does not mean that you have to surrender. Yes, what you face may be big, but God is much more powerful than anything you face. God promised never to put more on you than what you can bear, so just because it looks overwhelming does not mean you cannot overcome it.

Third, overcoming means you must determine not to let it stop you. A good does of determination will help anyone to overcome any obstacle they face. You will surrender if you don't have determination. Anyone who is an overcomer is also a determined individual. Stop looking for the easy way and become a determined individual to overcome your obstacles.

Fourth, overcoming means you didn't quit. Quitting is not an option for the overcomer, but trying to overcome or die trying to overcome is the mindset of the overcomer. I would rather die trying to overcome than to be overcome by quitting. Anyone can quit, but few overcome; be a part of the overcomer team.

Fifth, overcoming means you have to fight to overcome. You will never overcome without battles. You must have a fight within you that has the tenacity not to let whatever is trying to stop you to cause you to stop. Get some fight within you because that is the only way you will overcome.

Sixth, overcoming means you continued doing what you were doing while overcoming what tried to stop you. This is the key to overcoming! To overcome something, you must not let what is trying to conquer you to stop you from doing what you are supposed to do. You can overcome if you keep doing what you are supposed to do despite whatever headwinds you face while overcoming your struggles.


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