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  • Allen Domelle


Luke 6:48

He is like a man which built an house, and digged deep, and laid the foundation on a rock: and when the flood arose, the stream beat vehemently upon that house, and could not shake it: for it was founded upon a rock.

The Christian walk is filled with storms that will beat vehemently against you, but you can make it through those storms without them shaking you. Certainly, life has a way of shaking us up when storms come, but you can come through each storm unshaken.

The word unshaken means to be unchanged or not disturbed. Jesus likened the Christian life to a man who built his house on the Rock of Jesus Christ, but the storms could not shake this man because his foundation was Christ. I have certainly faced many storms in life and likely will face many more, but I have established several actions in my life that I do to keep me from being shaken by these storms. Let me share what I do to be unshaken by life’s storms.

First, I prepare for the storms before the storms come. There are three ways I prepare for the storms before they come. First, I read the Scriptures daily. Second, I spend time in prayer daily. Third, I am faithful to every church service. These three actions alone help me prepare for the storms because they give me truths that are anchored in my heart to help me when storms come. God often prepares us through these three actions for the storms that are about to come, and when they come, we can go to the cupboard of truth to take the ingredients out that we have stored for that moment when the storms come. Every Scriptural truth you read, every sermon you hear, and every prayer you pray prepares you for incoming storms that you will face. You cannot make it through the storms unshaken without these three actions.

Second, I don’t question God’s Word. When storms come, I don't question if God’s Word is true, but I follow His Word because I know that its truths have brought many others through the storms, and its truths will bring me through my storms if I follow them.

Third, I don’t question what I believe. Never change what you believe in the storm what you settled by faith before the storm arose. Storms don't change God’s Word and its principles; rather, storms validate God’s Word and its doctrine if you follow it. I never revisit what I believe, especially in storms, because I have already settled that years ago. Many have let the storms shake them to the point that they changed what they believe, when the storms should strengthen what you believe if you are anchored in God’s Word.

Fourth, I keep building. Instead of allowing the storm to cause me to quit, I keep going soul winning, helping sinners recover from a fall, and keep building the church God has given me to build. I have learned that continuing to build God’s work in the storm helps to take your mind off the storm so that it does not shake you.

Fifth, I spend much time in prayer. Prayer is the release valve of my worries or concerns. Prayer is the place I unload my concerns to God to let Him deal with them. You will never make it through the storms unshaken if you don't spend much time in prayer. Prayer gives you the strength you need to face the storms courageously and victoriously. If you want to run and hide, run to the prayer closet and spend time with God, and you will come out ready to face your storms.


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