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  • Allen Domelle

Waited Continually

Acts 10:7

And when the angel which spake unto Cornelius was departed, he called two of his household servants, and a devout soldier of them that waited on him continually;

One of the great truths missed in the narrative of Peter coming to see Cornelius are the two servants and the devout soldier who he could depend on to carry his message to Peter. The Scriptures say these three men waited on him continually. In other words, there was never a moment Cornelius had to look over their shoulders to see if they were doing what they were supposed to be doing. He could totally depend on them because they waited or served him continually. They proved their dependability to do what was told time and time again.

A great trait lacking in society today is the character to continually do what one is supposed to do without being told and without having oversight. If you went to the average workplace, you would see people giving half an effort to what they are supposed to be doing until the boss comes around. As believers, we should have the best character of any employee. The greatest testimony you can have on the job is that you work just as hard in the boss’ absence as in his presence. If Cornelius had the average worker today to send to Peter, we would likely not have the Gospel in the Gentile world. It was the dependability of these servants and soldier to do everything they were asked to do without anyone overseeing them. Let me share a few thoughts about this all-important trait.

First, you ought to be the hardest working person on the job. I would hate to think that a lost person works harder than a Christian. Sadly, in many workplaces, the Christian is not the hardest working employee. If you don't work hard, you will have no testimony to witness to those where you work.

Second, you should be depended on to work hard without oversight. You will never rise to position on the job if someone must always watch you work. Those who the boss depends on are those who work hard without having to be told to work hard. Your character ought to cause you to be the hardest-working person. It should bother you if the only time you give your full effort on the job is when the supervisor or boss comes around. If your work effort is picked up only when the boss or supervisor comes around, you are not being the Christian you ought to be. Let me remind you that working hard without someone watching over you is as much Christianity as soul winning.

Third, you should be depended on to think without someone thinking for you. If the boss must constantly think for you, he does not need you. God gave you a brain to think; use that brain and you will be surprised how much your boss can depend on you. You must learn to think for yourself on the job so that the boss doesn't have to give you his time to think for you that he using for his duties.

Fourth, you need the character to be productive without the boss having to push you. If the boss has to walk in to pick up productivity, you are not doing your job. The person of character is the most productive person on the job. If the boss can depend on you to be highly productive, he will remember you when it comes time for promotion. Let me challenge you to develop the character to be dependable and productive on the job without having to be told to do these things.


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