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  • Allen Domelle

What Do You Seek to Do With Jesus?

Luke 22:6

And he promised, and sought opportunity to betray him unto them in the absence of the multitude.

Throughout the Scriptures, you will find that many seek Jesus for many reasons. What they sought Jesus for revealed their intentions. However, whatever you seek Jesus for will be what you will do with Jesus.

My question for you, what do you seek to do with Jesus? When I see the reasons for why those in the Scriptures sought Jesus, I see the same reasons today among believers and the lost alike. Let me point out several reasons that people seek Jesus.

The first crowd that sought Jesus sought Him to kill Him. In Luke 22:2, the scribes sought how they might kill him. They wanted nothing to do with Jesus. The scribes allowed their envy of Jesus to turn to bitterness, and any opportunity they could take to remove Jesus from their lives was sought for. How sad that many hate Christ so much that they want Him out of their lives. These people don't understand that sin is the only reason that would cause them to think that Jesus is their problem. Many believers have sought to remove Jesus from their lives out of hurt or bitterness, but to remove Jesus from your life is to remove the very source of joy and fulfillment from your life.

The second crowd that sought Jesus sought to betray him. It was Judas who sought opportunity to betray him. Judas was looking for an opportunity to get away from the Christian life. Are you looking for a reason to stop serving the LORD? If you are looking for a reason, you are sure to find it. There will always be so-called good reasons to stop serving the LORD, but you will find that every reason you find is really only an empty excuse for which you use to stop serving the LORD. When you seek for a reason to quit serving the LORD, you will be sure to always find a “good” reason, but that good reason will always lead to a regretful decision.

The third crowd that sought Jesus only wanted Him for personal gain and entertainment. In Luke 23:8, Herod sought to see Jesus because he hoped to have seen some miracle done by him. My friend, Jesus is not a show to watch for entertainment. Jesus desires to be a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. Jesus seeks to be the One who guides you through life. Jesus desires to be your Saviour and friend, and not a show to entertain you on Sundays.

The fourth crowd that sought Jesus sought Him to honor Him. In Matthew 28:5, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary sought to honor Christ’s body. Do you seek to honor Christ with the substance of your life? Oh, the greatest thing any person could do is to honor Christ with their possessions and life. You will always find that if you seek to honor Christ with all that you have that your life will be a life of honor.

The fifth crowd that sought Jesus sought Him to do His will. The disciples sought to do Jesus’ will after He ascended to Heaven. The greatest life lived is the life that does the will of God, the will for which He placed them on this earth to do. You will always find that those who seek to do God’s will make the most of their lives.

For what do you seek with Christ? I recommend that you seek Christ to honor Him and to do His will. If you live your life to do these two things, you will find great satisfaction in life.


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