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  • Allen Domelle

Why the Harvest is Not Reached

Matthew 20:1

For the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that is an householder, which went out early in the morning to hire labourers into his vineyard.

Jesus shows in a parable He taught why the harvest is so plenteous. He tells of a man who went out early to hire laborers for the harvest, but could find very few that would work hard all day to reach his harvest. This man went out the third hour of the work day, the sixth hour, and the ninth hour to find laborers, but never found enough laborers to reach the harvest.

It is sad that in the first hour of the harvest, this man did not have enough laborers to reach the harvest. It is also sad that this man had to go out every three hours to hire more laborers because he was unable to reap the whole harvest. Had those who had their excuses or attitudes as to why they did not want to get involved in the harvest understood how vital the harvest was, I believe they would have gotten involved in the first hour.

Sadly, there is a harvest of souls to be reached worldwide, but so many could-be laborers who believe in the harvest refuse to be involved in it. This harvest of souls is about eternity. This harvest of souls is about whether these souls will go to Heaven or Hell. Why is it that we have so few laborers in the harvest? Jesus shows four reasons people will not get involved in the harvest.

First, they won't get involved in the harvest because they are worldly. This man went out early to hire laborers, but many who could labor were not there. Many believers will let souls go to Hell because they are more interested in their worldly interests than they are in reaching souls. It is a sad day when believers are more interested in the world than they are in the eternity of lost souls.

Second, the harvest is not reached because of lazy believers. This man went out early in the morning, but some were just too lazy to get there. Reaching the harvest of souls will never be accomplished by lazy believers who just don't want to do anything that is too hard. It takes labor to reach the harvest, but so many would rather play and let souls go to Hell than labor to reach lost souls.

Third, the harvest is not reached because of uninvolved believers. In verse 3, we see people standing idle in the marketplace. Sadly, there are many sitting idle in the pews who will never get involved because they just don't want to be involved. They will watch others reach the harvest, and they will enjoy watching the harvest get reached, but they will not lift one finger to reach the harvest. Every believer ought to be involved in the harvest. Every uninvolved believer who won't get involved in the harvest represents many souls that will go to Hell.

Fourth, the harvest is not reached because of self-centered believers. In verse 4, the man talked to people about hiring them, but they went their way. These people were engulfed in their own way of living. Many souls will go to Hell because of believers who go their own way instead of following Christ.

My friend, do you find yourself as a problem in reaching the harvest? It is always the idle believers who are at fault for the harvest not being reached. Every believer should be involved in the harvest, and by doing so, we could reach the harvest of lost souls in our area.


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