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  • Allen Domelle

Actions of Impacting Christians

Mark 1:35

And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, he went out, and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed.

I don't know about you, but I want to make an impact with my life. I do not want to spend my time on Earth without making an impact. I do not want to die and my works die with me. I want to live in such a manner that when I die, the works I did continue, not for my name’s sake, but for Christ’s sake.

If I were to talk about people that made an impact with their life, at the very top of the list is our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Jesus only lived on this earth for thirty-three years, His ministry covered only three years, He had no building that He built for His church, He had no college degree, and He was not accepted by the religious gurus of the day. Yet, over two thousand years have passed since Christ ascended to Heaven, and His ministry continues. If one were to ask me what was the great secret of His ministry, one of those great secrets is that He often resorted to a solitary place to pray.

I have been saved for five decades and been in full-time ministry for over three decades. At this stage in my ministry, I often have younger preachers ask me what is the great secret to the growth of my ministry. I don't exactly know what is the great secret, although I do have some thoughts about this, but I do know there are five things I do, or attempt to do, that I believe have had a great impact on God using me.

First, I spend much time in God’s Word. You cannot make an impact with your life if you don't spend time in the Book that changes lives. You must never be too busy to walk with God in His Word. God’s Word has a way of changing lives. You will never make an impact on this world if you are hit and miss in your time with God in His Word.

Second, I spend much time in prayer. Prayer is a common denominator of anyone who God has ever used. If our Saviour thought it was important to spend much time in prayer, why would we think we don't need to pray as much? You show me how much time you spend in prayer, and I can show you how important God’s work is to you. You cannot make an impact in this life or the next without spending much time in prayer.

Third, I try to live a holy life. I will not say I am sinless because I am far from that, but I do try to live a holy life. God can always use a cleaner vessel much better than He can a vessel that is filled with sin. Remember that the holier you live, the more space God has to fill your life with His presence.

Fourth, I live a soul winning life. I don't just go soul winning at a time, but I go soul winning everywhere I go. You cannot make an impact for eternity without being a soul winner. All the money you make and the worldly activities you do will mean nothing when you are dead. However, all the souls God used you to lead to Him will live on for eternity. You must have a soul winning life if you want to make an impact that lives on after you die.

Fifth, I try to get God’s power on my life daily. Only one power will empower you to make an impact with your life, and that is the power of the Holy Spirit. My friend, beg God for His power, for without it your life makes no impact, but with it your life will make a great impact that will last after you have gone to Heaven.


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