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  • Allen Domelle

Developing a Drive

Joshua 17:18

But the mountain shall be thine; for it is a wood, and thou shalt cut it down: and the outgoings of it shall be thine: for thou shalt drive out the Canaanites, though they have iron chariots, and though they be strong.

Joshua could not have led the people to drive out the Canaanites if he did not have a drive within. Everything does rise and fall on leadership. I often have assistant pastors or church members ask me how they can lead their church to become a soul winning church, and my answer is always that their church will never be a soul winning church if the pastor does not lead the church in soul winning. The church I pastor is a soul winning church. Now, it is not a soul winning church because the people go and I stay home, but it is a soul winning church because I have and continue to lead the church in soul winning. Is it easy to lead the church in soul winning? No, it is not! However, there is a drive within me that pushes me to be a soul winner.

Nothing comes easy in life. If you are going to do something for God, you must develop a drive within you. Nobody will ever build a church, or anything at all, if they don't have a drive within. You won’t build a bus route, Sunday school class, or a ministry without having a drive within that pushes you to build it. You won't build a business if you don't have a drive within that pushes you to build your business. Let me share what a drive is so you can develop a drive within you that pushes you to build something for God.

First, a drive is a direction. You must always go forward if you are to develop a drive within. Retreating is never an option for those with a drive to live by faith. A drive that pushes you forward despite anything that comes against you is the only thing that will help you to build a church, ministry, or business.

Second, a drive is a mindset. A driven person is a person who rarely stops. Of course, you will never have a driven mindset if you don't have a cause that drives you. You will find it will not be hard to have a drive when a cause obsesses you. The cause that obsesses you becomes the mindset that drives you. If you are not obsessed with doing something great for God, you will not have a passion that drives you despite feelings, opposition, or obstacles that try to stop you.

Third, a drive is a determination. Something must keep you from quitting when what you are doing gets hard. Having a drive within is the only thing that will keep you putting one foot in front of the other when you face opposition from others. You will surely quit if you try to do something for God without determination. Determination keeps a drive alive.

Fourth, a drive is putting pressure on yourself. You won't do anything great for God if you don't put pressure on yourself to attempt something great for God. People run from pressure who are pleasure-driven. People who are cause-driven don't mind the pressure because the cause is greater than pleasure. If building a growing church for God is a worthy cause, then putting pressure on yourself to grow it should not be something you despise.

Fifth, a drive is what moves you. There will be days when you don't feel like doing what it takes to serve God or build His church, but a drive is what tells you to keep going despite weariness. Only a drive within will keep moving you forward for God when you physically and mentally don't feel like going forward.


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